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Identify qualified candidates faster and reduce engineering time spent on technical phone screens with a full-service tech screening solution.

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Find Qualified Developers

Pedigree is a poor proxy for skills. Broaden your candidate pool and qualify individuals based on their programming skills. Measuring developer skills accurately and at scale is easy with CodeSignal.

Save Engineering Time

Reduce hundreds of hours of engineering and recruiting time by streamlining the technical screening and phone interview steps to focus only on qualified candidates.

Reduce Hiring Bias

Screening based on resumes invites unconscious biases, whether it’s about gender, race, or pedigree. Build diverse teams with objective programming skills screens.


Tech Screen

CodeSignal Tech Screen provides consistent and objective technical screens that give time back to engineers while delivering a white-glove candidate experience.


With CodeSignal Pre-Screen, you eliminate the need for a resume screen and identify skilled candidates early with our top-of-funnel assessment solution.


CodeSignal Interview is a best-in-class solution for live technical interviews in a collaborative and realistic coding environment.

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Tech Screening

One of the most challenging parts of hiring for more technical jobs, like software engineering and other coding professions, is evaluating the candidates. After all, when it comes to these technical positions, the individuals you are hiring must be sufficiently qualified to perform the jobs you request. But how can you know how to evaluate software developers in an effective manner? Most businesses who hire engineers and developers today will use what is called a technical screening or tech screen to do this in their interview process.

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly makes a good tech screen interview? A mediocre tech screen may not give you accurate information about a candidate’s qualifications, which can lead to potentially hiring candidates who are not properly qualified or missing out on candidates who are qualified but may not have the most impressive-looking resume. When you’re looking for an effective technical phone interview or other tech screening process, you want to look for a system that makes this process faster and more efficient for your engineering teams. Then they do not have to spend their valuable time recruiting candidates rather than performing the work you hired them to do.

Businesses can use many different forms of technical skills assessment tools, from phone screen interviews, to take-home assessments, to live, full-service tech screen interviews. A traditional technical phone screen assessment can take up to hundreds or thousands of hours of your engineering team’s time and oftentimes are not as effective as another solution. Rather than relying on a technical phone screen to help you find your new developers, it can be beneficial to opt for a tech recruiting platform like CodeSignal. Suppose you are looking for how to screen developers quickly and accurately so that you can focus your efforts on only the most qualified candidates right off the bat. In that case, CodeSignal’s technical interview and assessment solutions, including CodeSignal Tech Screen, may be an excellent choice for you. CodeSignal’s solutions can also help to reduce unconscious hiring biases because it screens candidates based solely on their performance in the technical screening — not their resumes.

Technical Phone Screening

Your company can use many types of technical screening approaches to find the right candidates for your open positions. This said, not all of these approaches or solutions are going to be the best fit for your business, and it is important to ensure that you are choosing the right solution for you before jumping right into a new system. This is because while there are many different organizations or solutions that offer online technical screening, not all of those solutions may be compatible with your business’s internal systems. The last thing you want to do is jump into a solution that will not work well for your business.

The first thing to establish is whether you are looking for a technical phone screen interview solution or a tech screen platform like CodeSignal. There are benefits to both types of solutions, but in general, a tech screen platform is going to give you faster, more reliable, and more equitable results than a phone interview will. Technical phone interview questions can be less reflective of what your potential new hire actually knows because they do not provide them with the coding platform that allows them to show you what they know.

A technical assessment, meaning a tech screen or knowledge evaluation, can be the most telling part of your interviewing process. If you use a solution like CodeSignal, you’ll have access to highly consistent and well-designed technical evaluations with fast results and an easy-to-use platform. This allows you to easily improve your technical screening interview, meaning better overall hiring decisions for your company. CodeSignal manages the technical evaluations for you so that you do not have to spend time thinking about questions like, “what are technical questions we can ask that address this knowledge point?” CodeSignal’s platform is the most advanced tech recruiting platform on the market and offers features like a plagiarism checker, ATS integration, and supports over 70 languages and tools.

Tech Screening Interview

As mentioned above, a technical screening interview is an incredibly important part of the interview and hiring process for a business that requires extensive technical knowledge from its employees. Even if you’ve heard the term before, you may be wondering, “what is a technical interview?” Essentially, like any other type of interview, a technical interview helps your hiring team assess a candidate’s qualifications. A technical interview focuses exclusively on the technical skills that your candidate needs to know to be qualified for the position. 

Tech screen interview questions should evaluate the candidate’s knowledge in the particular area you are hiring for. This means that the questions you ask in a tech screen will differ depending on what field or position you are hiring for. There are many different ways of conducting a technical interview, and if you are using a phone screening method, you may be missing out on some of the streamlining and time-saving that a full-service tech screening platform like CodeSignal can offer. 

The technical phone screen questions software engineering companies ask can be much harder to assess objectively and consistently, and this can lead to your engineering teams having to spend much more time on recruiting than is reasonable. But, if you opt for a platform like CodeSignal, that can provide you with a full-service interview experience that yields quick and accurate results, your engineers can dramatically cut back on the time they spend on interviews and recruiting. This means they can spend more time working on the things that you hired them to work on.

Coding Screen

Technical screening interviews are one part of the interview process that has to be really well-tailored to meet the requirements of the specific position you are hiring for. Think about it this way: General interview questions that assess a candidate for company values and personality can be reused for pretty much any position within your company, but you would not use interview questions about software development to hire someone for a position that is all about Human Resources. Similarly, you would not want to use general tech pre-screen interview questions for someone that you are specifically interviewing for a coding position. This is because coding screens will likely have a much higher focus on coding knowledge than a more general tech interview will. So, what are the technical questions you want to ask for coding interviews?

This will likely depend on the type of coding that your business does — for example, the coding languages you use and the types of software engineering problems your candidate may encounter if your company employed them. However, if you are looking for tips on how to conduct a coding interview more efficiently, you need not look any further than a technical interview and assessment platform like CodeSignal. As a software engineer and developer hiring platform, CodeSignal is made to help you create consistent and fair coding screens that help you find the best candidates quickly and effectively. This way your engineering teams can gain back the valuable time they would otherwise have to spend conducting tech screens and interviews. CodeSignal provides full-service technical screens with an advanced coding environment that helps you to speed up your hiring process without compromising on the quality of your new hires.

Code Assessment Platform

Before jumping into a new coding test software solution, it is important that you assess whether or not that solution will improve the efficiency of your hiring process as a whole. There are so many technical assessment platforms and other solutions today that it can be hard to know which one to choose. However, many of these solutions stop at the technical assessment stage and do not do anything to improve the rest of your hiring process. This can lead to inconsistent processes and even cause a delay in your hiring process overall. 

CodeSignal provides solutions for your entire hiring process — from pre-screening to onsite interviewing. This makes CodeSignal a great option for your business because it can help you create a streamlined and effective hiring process that saves your engineering team valuable time. CodeSignal’s ability to improve the hiring process makes it one of the top platforms. CodeSignal is used by popular companies such as Meta, Uber, Reddit, Instacart, Zoom, and more.

Coding Interview Platforms

When you are looking for a coding interview software solution, you want to ensure that you find the best possible solution for your business. This may be different for each company because all companies have different processes, requirements, and desires when it comes to a coding interview platform. But, if you are looking for an interview as a service platform equipped with the high-quality and advanced coding tools you need to perform effective tech screenings, CodeSignal is a great option.

Not only does CodeSignal provide solutions for the entire interview process, including pre-screening, but it also helps you easily and effectively address common challenges with technical hiring. For example, many companies want to know how to do a technical interview without requiring your engineers to spend hours of their time conducting it. In addition, CodeSignal tech screen interviews are human-led and computer-scored, which means that your candidates get a first-class interview experience led by an experienced interviewer. And because the code is computer-scored, the results are unbiased and reflect the candidate’s knowledge and capabilities.

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