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A flight simulator for developers

To assess real-world skills, you need a real-world development environment. Set your candidates up for success with the same powerful tools they use every day to edit, install, run, and debug code.

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A state-of-the-art development environment

From advanced auto-complete, to dynamic real-time previews, to a fully integrated terminal, we’ve got everything developers need to do what they do best.

A Flight Simulator for Developers

Evaluate candidates in a hyper-realistic development environment that feels just like coding locally.

How is this possible? Every CodeSignal interview session is run in a persistent Linux environment where the candidates and interviewers have full reign.

Support for full-stack applications

Start a service, interact with a database, and run a live frontend preview. With a built-in filesystem, you can even import larger projects from your GitHub repository.

Advanced code editor features

Our IDE feels like native VSCode, with the functionality you expect right at your fingertips. Stay in the flow with fast autocomplete and other smart features like find references and jump-to-definition.

Terminal access to the development environment

With a powerful integrated terminal, you’re free to install tools and packages, run a debugger, load data, call APIs, and more within your dedicated Linux environment.

Features that make it easy to assess for any role

File-system & project support

Enables close simulation of real-world situations.

Collaborative editing

Conduct live interviews with one or multiple interviewers.

Jupyter Notebooks integration

Make data-focused assessments more interactive.

Tab Size, Font-size & auto-tabbing configurations

Allow candidates to make the environment their own.

A variety of themes

From Dark to Bright to Solarized, we have all the best themes.

Vim, Emacs & Sublime key bindings

Key bindings that make programming in our IDE even more effortless.

I had a smooth and a bug free experience during an online assessment which I was giving. The responsiveness and fluidness of the platform is way above when compared to other platforms. The code evaluation experience is flawless and allows you to concentrate on your tasks as the platform gives a hassle-free experience. Highly recommended
— Sanket S, Software Engineer

See the magic of our IDE for yourself.

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