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Bob Cowherd

Head of Hiring Growth @ Uber

We thought it would be a way to flip recruiting on its head. CodeSignal Recruiter moves the raw talent test piece up to the very first step in the process.

Yordanos Asmare

Technical Recruiter @ Liftoff

CodeSignal Recruiter has helped us ditch conventional and biased resume filters. As a result, it has accelerated our hiring and removed unconscious biases from our recruiting process.

David Block

VP of Engineering @ Datto

We were able to evaluate and hire candidates in just a few weeks. CodeSignal is now a trusted partner in Datto’s recruiting process.

State Of The Art Cloud IDE

Engineers use our advanced IDE to practice their programming skills and prepare for interviews.
Companies use it to test and interview engineering candidates with highly customizable tasks.

71% of CodeSignalers make it to an onsite interview after a technical phone screen

Many CodeSignal customers experience a higher onsite-to-offer rate (35%) vs the industry average (20%)

CodeSignal customers hire diverse technical candidates at a rate of 19%

A Product That Changes Lives

At CodeSignal, we believe in creating a world based on merit - not on pedigree. That's why we're committed to discovering, developing, and promoting talented people with diverse backgrounds.