Custom Technical Assessments for Engineering Candidates

A Testing Suite Configured for Your Unique Needs

Trusted by hundreds of companies around the world

Create custom tests or build them from our 1000+ task library

Go beyond testing basic algorithm and data structure knowledge with in-depth real-world programming tests for specific roles. From DevOps to front-end development to mobile (and more), set up tests and send to your candidates in under 5 minutes.

Advanced plagiarism check increases recruiter efficiency

Increase onsite-to-offer rate by eliminating unqualified candidates early. Our advanced Plagiarism Algorithm detects anyone who's trying to game the system. It even flags plagiarized solutions with significant alterations.

Send coding tests and receive instant results, right from your ATS

CodeSignal Recruiter can be integrated with your ATS, including Greenhouse and Lever. You can send coding tests, evaluate their results, and manage the entire candidate lifecycle directly from the ATS you already use.

Bob Cowherd

Head of Hiring Growth @ Uber

We thought it would be a way to flip recruiting on its head. CodeSignal Recruiter moves the raw talent test piece up to the very first step in the process.

Yordanos Asmare

Technical Recruiter @ Liftoff

CodeSignal Recruiter has helped us ditch conventional and biased resume filters. As a result, it has accelerated our hiring and removed unconscious biases from our recruiting process.

David Block

VP of Engineering @ Datto

We were able to evaluate and hire candidates in just a few weeks. CodeSignal is now a trusted partner in Datto’s recruiting process.

Leverage a state-of-the-art IDE with 38 programming languages

See how well your candidates can really code - not just whether they can whiteboard. Let them choose their favorite coding language (or select one for them) as they solve free-form coding questions or tasks from the extensive Task Library.

Interview candidates in real-time using our advanced collaborative coding environment and high quality video calling

CodeSignal Recruiter simplifies the interview process, making it easy to conduct remote and in-person interviews. The interviewing interface is intuitive to use and includes a compiler and a live video component, so you and your candidate can concentrate on the interview instead of trying to figure out the IDE.

Build your rockstar engineering team!