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Choose from the best in class assessments - whether it’s new grad or senior hires, CodeSignal can help you evaluate technical ability quickly and accurately

Find Great Candidates Today

Instantly send coding assessments to your entire candidate pipeline to quickly identify the best talent

Improve Interview-to-Hire Ratio

Test skills that candidates will use on the job and only interview applicants who can pass your technical bar

Diversify Your Engineering Team

Make hiring decisions based on skill, not just their resume, and ensure that your offers are going out to the best talent

Bob Cowherd
Head of Hiring Growth
“We used CodeSignal to flip recruiting on its head and moved the raw talent test to the first step in the recruiting process, allowing us to focus on the best talent first.”
Melanie Thomas
“We’ve used CodeSignal to filter for diverse, high quality candidates. Had it not been for CodeSignal’s assessment, these amazing engineers would’ve been overlooked.”
Yordanos Asmare
Technical Recruiter
“At Liftoff, we optimize for hiring effective generalists. So from the beginning, we looked at Coding Scores and we were able to find candidates that hit our bar exactly.”

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of companies have already scaled their hiring process with CodeSignal.

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