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How Gusto Saves 850 Engineering Hours a Year with CodeSignal

“With this new process using CodeSignal, we’re hiring people with strong skills-alignment, more efficiently.”

CodeSignal has been received very well by the product engineering team. We’ve tried multiple different solutions in this space, and [CodeSignal’s] interactivity, reliability, and language support has really helped us.

Tim Johnson

Engineering Manager at Greenhouse

Partnering with CodeSignal has helped us to manage a very high volume of interest from candidates in our process and quickly assess their technical acumen, without using a ton of engineering hours.

Nadia Abouzaid

Head of Diversity Talent Programs at Asana

CodeSignal is helping us realize a goal of making our recruiting process inclusive and objective. It has helped improve efficiency and increased the quality of our decision making.

Joel Baroody

Head of Recruiting at Brex

ALL CUSTOMER STORIES saved 2,400 engineering hours a year by using CodeSignal Pre-Screen and Interview in their process
Greenhouse boosted their onsite-to-offer rate and created a stellar candidate experience with CodeSignal Interview.
Gusto save 850 engineering hours each year and reduced engineering time spent on recruiting with CodeSignal
GoodTime reduced time-to-hire for their engineering roles by 40 days with CodeSignal. Find out how they did it.
RedRoute reduced time spent on recruiting by 70% and improved quality of hire using CodeSignal Pre-Screen—learn how.
See how Galvanize uses CodeSignal in its coding bootcamps to save time while boosting student experience.
Learn how Arundo used CodeSignal Pre-Screen to fight hiring bias while growing their workforce by 100% in just 18 months.
See how Affinity uses CodeSignal’s data-driven assessments to scale up their candidate pool without slowing down their recruitment timelines.
Learn how CakeResume uses CodeSignal in its job-matching service, pairing talent with opportunities confidently and at scale.