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See how companies that use CodeSignal have reached or exceeded their business hiring goals with data-driven assessments and automated interviews that #GoBeyondResumes

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Because of CodeSignal, we can reach out to more candidates and make sure that everybody gets a fair shot.
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How do we scale our
pipelines effectively and efficiently while still incorporating diversity?

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To keep up with the
explosive growth our company has, it’s really important for the engineering team to be able to continue to grow with it

CodeSignal Customer Case Studies

Learn how Robinhood implemented CodeSignal's suite of products to scale up their technical hiring and reduce time-to-fill.

Find out how Outreach reduced engineering time spent on hiring by 60% while also increasing diversity by going beyond resumes.

See how Cohesity hires quickly at scale while ensuring candidates meet their high technical bar.

Learn how Greenhouse used CodeSignal Interview to boost their onsite-to-offer rate and create a stellar candidate experience.

Verkada doubled the size of their engineering team and reduced bias in their hiring at the same time—find out how.

See how Affinity uses CodeSignal’s data-driven assessments to scale up their candidate pool without slowing down their recruitment timelines.

Learn how TripActions built their university recruiting program from the ground up using CodeSignal's suite of products.

Find out how OpenSesame grew their workforce by 90% and fought back against recruiting bias with CodeSignal.

See how Industry Dive finds diamonds in the rough by taking a deep look at candidates’ CodeSignal assessment results.

Learn how CakeResume uses CodeSignal in its job-matching service, pairing talent with opportunities confidently and at scale.

RedRoute reduced time spent on recruiting by 70% and improved quality of hire using CodeSignal Test—learn how.

Learn how Arundo used CodeSignal Test to fight hiring bias while growing their workforce by 100% in just 18 months.

See how Galvanize uses CodeSignal Test in its coding bootcamps to save time while boosting student experience.

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