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Validated & research-backed talent management solutions

Ensure fairness, compliance, and legal defensibility for your technical hiring and learning & development processes.

A company that speaks IO Psychology

Improve rigor

Minimize subjectivity and bias with assessments validated by our team of IO Psychologists

Ensure compliance

Go beyond compliance to analyze and improve fairness

Predict performance

Our Talent Science team ensures assessments are reliable and valid predictors of performance
Hours spent developing each assessment
Job descriptions reviewed for each assessment

Features that IO Psychologists love

Consistently identify qualified candidates for your roles with Certified Evaluations built from a research-backed set of requirements and guidelines

Ensure information used to make hiring decisions is fair for all demographic groups with adverse impact analyses conducted by our in-house IO Psychologists

Evaluate candidates’ skills accurately with validated assessments and robust coding reports

Measure what matters most for a wide variety of technical roles with assessments that are backed by research, job analyses, and hundreds of data points

Build an industry-leading process with key performance metrics and benchmarks for each assessment with CodeSignal Analytics


Whether it’s a Pre-Screen or live Interview, the CodeSignal Hire suite provides all the tools candidates need to show real-world skills. Choose from 70+ supported languages and frameworks, including:

Assess in-demand technical skills

Evaluate any technical talent—including specialized and senior-level roles—using the CodeSignal skills platform.

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Full-Stack Engineer
  • React Developer
  • iOS Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • DevOps
  • QA/Test Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer

Evaluate top tech skills

CodeSignal’s Certified Evaluations are built using our proprietary Skills Evaluation Frameworks, which enable you to consistently identify qualified candidates for your roles.

General Coding Framework

The industry standard for evaluating core coding skills and concepts commonly required for software development roles.
Learn more

Industry Coding Framework

Assesses advanced coding skills and concepts commonly required for software development and engineering roles.
Read more

Data Analytics Framework

Evaluates core data skills, including data manipulation and analysis, that are commonly required for data analyst roles.
Read more

Machine Learning Framework

Evaluates the ability to design effective, reliable, highly available, and fault-tolerant enterprise systems.
Read more

Front-End Development Framework

Evaluates core user interface development skills commonly required for front-end engineering roles.
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