We help the world #GoBeyondResumes

We are a technology company aiming to make talent accessible by creating software and standards for assessing the technical skills of software developers.

Our Values

Be helpful and empathetic

We believe that empathy is the foundation of building a great team, product, and service. We look at things from our users' perspective, and we always treat our users and each other with trust and respect.

Take ownership

All of us are on this ship together. When you see a problem to fix or an area to improve,
do it!

Move quickly and make mistakes

We're not afraid to take risks. Be bold and try things -- it's better to validate an idea quickly than to fall behind chasing perfection.

Have a point of view and embrace debate

We value getting things right and don't stand on hierarchy. If you have an opinion, speak up, and you'll be heard.

Amazing things happen when a group of incredibly smart people work in unison to change the world. As a leader, your job is to create that environment.

Tigran Sloyan

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our Team

Aida Taturyan

QA Lead

Ruben Ashughyan

Software Engineer

Yasmin Saleem

Customer Success
Team Lead

Anastasiya Zhyrkevich

Content Engineer

Aram Shatakhtsyan

Chief Technology Officer

Ilya Zakirzyanov

Content Engineer

Colette Pewsey

Account Executive

Eduard Piliposyan

General Manager

Aram Drambyan

Software Engineer

Alana Wade

Growth Specialist

Albina Ezus

Senior Software Engineer

Dmitry Filippov

Content Team Lead

Michal Powaga

Software Engineer

Cynthia Lu

Software Engineer

Tigran Sloyan

Chief Executive Officer

Alina Bagdasaryan

Certification Specialist

Lusine Tadevosyan

QA Engineer

Levon Muradyan

Content Engineer

Hrayr Movsisyan

Software Engineer

Michael Newman

Director of Engineering

Hamlet Mikaelyan

Content Engineer

Betonya O'Malley

Customer Success Manager

Albert Sahakyan

Software Engineer
Tech Lead

Roman Pochanin

Content Engineer

Balraj Chana

Senior Product Designer

Peter Lu

VP of Solutions Engineering

Zhoucheng Li

Software Engineer

Sofya Kochkova

Content Engineer

Mariam Asryan

Project Assistant

Karen Mkrtumyan

Content Engineer

Sophia Baik

VP of Operations

Could be you 😉

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