Live Coding Interviews

Run live video interviews in an advanced collaborative coding environment using custom or pre-defined tests.

Conduct Objective Coding Interviews

Conduct live interviews with objective coding assessments in a real-world environment

Scale On-site and Remote Interviews

Choose from 4000+ predefined tasks to build assessments for live or remote interviews with multiple callers in a real-world coding environment to ensure consistency and scalability

Make Effective Hiring Decisions

Automatically screen capture live interviews and share them with your entire hiring team to quickly make performance-based hiring decisions quickly.

Create a Consistent Candidate Experience

Deploy the same set of interview questions to the hiring team to ensure a consistent interview experience while removing biases and scaling hiring

Live Coding Interviews with HD Video

Conduct on-site or live interviews with CodeSignal's advanced IDE, robust task library and paired programming

Live Video Calling

Interview candidates in real-time with high-quality video calling with multiple team members in the same advanced IDE.

Pair Programming

Collaborate, commit, and edit code with multiple callers on the same test to simulate an on-site environment even when it’s remote.

Full Assessment Control

Select from over 4000 tasks in our library during your live interview. Watch candidates code in real-time and automatically screen capture for post-interview review.

See How CodeSignal Interview Can Improve Technical Hiring

Custom, objective, and scalable testing suite for all your hiring needs

Engineering Managers

Collaborate, commit, and edit code with multiple team members on the same test to simulate an on-site environment even when it's remote

Hiring Managers

Review comments and share session recordings with the entire hiring team to efficiently assess candidate fit with all stakeholders

Coding Bootcamp Program Managers

Increase your admission standards with interactive assessments during a live coding interview

University and College Educators

Get students ready for the real world with a collaborative pair programming environment either in-person or remote

Enterprise-level Features for Your
Hiring Needs

Enterprise-ready features mean you can launch campus recruiting without soaring HR costs

Video and Voice Calling

Talk through problem sets and simulate an on-site environment

Pair Programming

Collaborate, commit, and edit code with multiple callers

Custom Assessments

Work with our content engineering team to create job-specific tests

4000+ Task Library

Choose from over 4000 predefined tasks and 41 programming languages

Predictive Coding Score

Measure overall implementation and problem-solving ability

Advanced Coding Environment

Real-world IDE with file structures, code console, autocomplete, etc.

AI-Powered Plagiarism Checks

Catch anyone who's trying to game the system

Live Session Recording

Share recorded replays of assessments with the entire hiring team

ATS Integration

Add assessments seamlessly into your hiring process directly in your ATS

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of companies have already scaled their hiring process with CodeSignal.

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