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Master data analysis with Python to jumpstart your career.



An advanced IDE that simulates real dev work

Discover and develop technical skills with the most realistic cloud integrated development environment (IDE) on the market.

A hyper-realistic IDE for skill assessment and development

Start a service, interact with a database, and run a live frontend preview. With a built-in filesystem, you can even import larger projects from your GitHub repository.

Learners and candidates will be empowered to do their best work with features they expect from an IDE, like autocomplete, find references, and jump-to-definition.

With a powerful integrated terminal, you’re free to install packages, use version control, run command-line tools and more within your dedicated Linux environment.

Industry-leading features

Filesystem & Project Support

Enables close simulation of real-world coding projects

Pair Programming

Conduct live interviews with one or multiple interviewers in CodeSignal Interview

Jupyter Notebook Integration

Make data-focused evaluations in the CodeSignal Hire suite more interactive

AI-Powered Coding Assistant

Improve candidate and learner performance with Cosmo, an AI guide built into our IDE

Vim, Emacs & Sublime Key Bindings

Key bindings that make programming in our IDE even more effortless

Variety of Themes

From Dark to Bright to Solarized, we have all the best themes

[CodeSignal] felt like a full IDE in my browser. Because I was using Typescript I had IntelliSense and documentation right in the web editor, just like I would have when using an IDE. A lot of other code challenge platforms will just provide you with a plain text editor.

Roman K.

Software Developer

The responsiveness and fluidness of the platform is way above when compared to other platforms. The code evaluation experience is flawless and allows you to concentrate on your tasks as the platform gives a hassle-free experience. Highly recommended.

Sanket S.

Software Engineer

CodeSignal has the best IDE experience of all other competitors I’ve used.

Rohit C.

Software Engineer

I liked how many of the IDE features were working smoothly in the code sandbox: bracket highlighting, autocomplete, etc. It felt very intuitive.

Bryan K.

Software Development Engineer

See the magic of our IDE for yourself