13 Sep

Top 5 Mistakes in Technical Recruiting

We’ll unpack the top five mistakes we see in technical recruiting, starting with number five….Read more
9 Sep

Test Driven Development

When a candidate has made it past the initial screening process, we’d typically like to take a closer look at…Read more
6 Sep

Where Do CS Grads Get Hired?

The best way to understand early technical hiring is by the numbers. With the utilization of LinkedIn data, we can determine where candidates went to school, and subsequently, where they are going to work….Read more
2 Sep

File system task tests

In this episode we revisited the same file system task that we saw last time, but with a focus on…Read more
30 Aug

Democratization of Education

The democratization of education is here. So, what exactly does that mean for recruiting? Whether we realize it or not, education has had and continues to have a significant impact on hiring. It’s not always easy to see the connection, and that’s because it takes a while for it to propagate. …Read more
26 Aug

File system tasks

Continuing the theme of showcasing tasks that emulate the real dev experience, we look at a file system task in…Read more
23 Aug

Guidelines For Testing

Using assessments, especially at the top of your hiring funnel is a key component of making the selection process fair. But, with the introduction of assessments comes the need to validate the results you’re getting while avoiding any adverse impact. …Read more
19 Aug

Measuring Backend Skills

In the previous two episodes we looked at ways to zoom in and isolate a particular skill, though in reality,…Read more
16 Aug

Top 5 Talent Data Sources

When identifying talent data sources, it’s essential to focus on accessibility and accuracy. Just because a candidate may have one source readily available, doesn’t mean it’s highly accurate. And those that are accurate may not be widely used. Let’s jump into the top five talent data sources and see how they rank….Read more
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