16 Aug

Top 5 Talent Data Sources

When identifying talent data sources, it’s essential to focus on accessibility and accuracy. Just because a candidate may have one source readily available, doesn’t mean it’s highly accurate. And those that are accurate may not be widely used. Let’s jump into the top five talent data sources and see how they rank….Read more
12 Aug

Recovery Tasks

Sometimes it’s not enough for a candidate to just be able to solve a given problem; you might be looking…Read more
5 Aug

Testing Refactoring Skills

One of the specialties of the CodeSignal platform is its ability to provide targeted assessment. Isolating the specific skills required…Read more
2 Aug

The Future of Resumes

The future of resumes is changing, and we want it to be for the better. We’re jumping into the discussion and sharing what they could and should be, versus what options would only perpetuate the status quo….Read more
29 Jul

Testing NoSQL Skills

The CodeSignal platform is constantly improving and expanding to meet the needs and standards of the industry. In this episode…Read more
25 Jul

Data-Driven Early Talent and University Recruiting

Working with Universities to identify and hire early talent has been an integral part of the recruiting process for many companies. As the industry shifts to become more data-driven, this area is a good place to discuss how changes should occur….Read more
24 Jul

G2 Recognition

If you’re not familiar with G2, you may be missing out. Their vision of crowdsourcing wisdom when it comes to how we buy business technology is an innovative approach to an outdated system. …Read more
22 Jul

Testing PostgreSQL Skills

This time we demonstrate more of the CodeSignal platform’s strengths in handling more complicated tasks involving a variety of database…Read more
19 Jul

Where to Set Your Bar?

“We set the bar high.” This is an important topic of discussion when it comes to recruiting and one that we hear discussed a lot. …Read more
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