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Scale University Recruiting with Standardized Coding Tests

Empower university recruiters to streamline evaluations and identify the top 2-3% of software engineering talent, with less time and resources

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High-Volume University Recruiting with CodeSignal's General Coding Assessment (GCA)

When we talk about high-volume recruiting, no one knows what this means better than a university recruiter. For you, managing 500 open applications for a few junior engineering positions (that needed to be filled yesterday) is just another day at the job.

Manually sifting through all of those resumés is just not an option.

GCA is a top-of-the-funnel certified assessment that empowers university recruiters to:

    • Identify top technical talent without the help of your engineering team
    • Increase diversity by expanding your candidate pool beyond select schools
    • Provide fair and unbiased candidate screening
    • Reduce time to hire by prioritizing pre-qualified candidates
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Want to See CodeSignal's GCA in Action?

General Coding Assessment: The Details

Standardized Assessment Designed for University Recruiting

Scalable Candidate Pipeline

Manage a large pool of technical applicants—without involving your engineering team.

• Go beyond resumes in screening candidates
• Send test invites to candidates in bulk via email, or integrate with your ATS
• Share detailed Coding Report with your entire team for review

Accurately and reliably screen for qualified candidates with a cheat-proof assessment. The GCA features:

• Online proctoring & ID verification
• Keystroke recording
• Frequent updates to question pool
• Over 160,000 variations of the test

Cheat-proof, Expert-designed Test

Accurate Signal of Technical Skill

Move forward confidently with pre-qualified candidates.

• Obtain valid results with CodeSignal’s Coding Score, developed from terabytes of skill assessment data analyzed using our proprietary Machine Learning algorithm
• Use results to predict a candidate’s interview performance

Featured University Recruiting Stories

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With CodeSignal, TripActions built a competitive, scalable university recruiting program, helping them quickly and efficiently secure the next generation of talent.

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Cohesity utilizes CodeSignal Certify as a top-of-funnel screening tool, saving time for the engineering team while still filtering for top talent.

I absolutely love how CodeSignal integrates with Greenhouse–being able to see the scores automatically imported, being able to send out batches of tests, is really helpful for our team.

— Sophia Yamauchi, University Recruiter at TripActions

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