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Gusto + CodeSignal

How Gusto Saves 850 Engineering Hours a Year with CodeSignal




San Francisco, CA




Pre-Screen, Interview
Engineering hours saved on recruiting
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Increase in engineering team growth
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Increase in intern-to-new grad offer rate
Stage removed from technical recruiting process

Why CodeSignal?

Launched in 2011 as ZenPayroll, Gusto now serves more than 200,000 businesses in the US, providing employee benefits, HR services, and payroll processing. Since its founding, the company has raised over $700M in funding, acquired 3 organizations, and grown their team to over 2,400 employees.

To continue this growth while prioritizing efficiency and speed, Gusto needed a technical recruiting tool that allowed them to objectively and reliably evaluate candidates’ technical skills while shortening the length of their hiring process for candidates.

CodeSignal’s suite of technical interview and assessment solutions proved an ideal fit, making it possible for Gusto to replace their first-round technical interview with a validated coding screen and move qualified candidates through the process faster.

With this new process using CodeSignal, we’re hiring people with strong skills-alignment, more efficiently.

Nicole Wright, Rising Talent Lead

Adopting CodeSignal at Gusto

Developing a More Efficient University Recruiting Process

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in 2020, Nicole Wright, Rising Talent Lead at Gusto, was faced with a challenge—and an opportunity. Her team of university recruiters had pivoted to other opportunities, but early career hiring remained a priority for the company. It was Nicole’s chance to reinvent the rising talent recruiting program to be even more equitable for candidates and more streamlined for Gusto’s hiring teams.

Nicole first implemented an “agnostic” rising talent approach to reach a wider and more diverse pool of talent. Next, she analyzed the technical recruiting stages and tech stack. Gusto’s previous process required new grad candidates to complete two technical screening interviews, an in-depth technical interview, a hiring manager interview, and a behavioral interview. She realized this lengthy process could be improved to increase efficiency and improve the employee experience by safeguarding candidate time.

To shorten and streamline this process, Nicole needed to find a technical assessment and interview tool that provided a stronger, more reliable signal of candidate skill earlier in the recruiting funnel.

Reducing Engineering Time Spent on Interviews

In 2020, Gusto adopted CodeSignal to replace their previous technical assessment and interview vendors, and to remove one technical screen from the process without compromising candidate quality.

Since then, Gusto engineers reduced the amount of time they spend conducting technical interviews by 850 hours a year —a total of 2,550 engineering hours saved. This was made possible by CodeSignal Pre-Screen assessments, which allow Gusto to ensure a candidate’s technical skills align to business needs early in the recruiting process.

Gusto has also improved the recruiting experience for candidates, who now use just one, cohesive platform for technical evaluation: CodeSignal Pre-Screen for an early-stage assessment, and CodeSignal Interview for final-round interviews.

The impact of this new process is most evident in how engineering interns hired via this new process are exceptionally well-aligned to Gusto’s business needs. This year, Gusto improved their offer rate for interns to convert to full-time new grad hires by 30 percent.

Equipped with a streamlined recruiting process, Nicole continues to build a rising talent program to create even more equity and opportunity for nontraditional candidates to succeed at Gusto.

Before CodeSignal:

4 technical evaluation stages

After CodeSignal:

3 technical evaluation stages, 30% improvement in offer rate to interns, and 850 hours/year reduction in engineering time spent on recruiting

How Can CodeSignal Help Your Company?

Gusto uses CodeSignal Pre-Screen and Interview to save engineering time spent on recruiting and improve candidate experience while creating a more equitable technical hiring process. CodeSignal’s top-of-funnel technical evaluation solutions help companies like Gusto streamline their technical recruiting process and build a robust pipeline of talented and diverse early career candidates. No matter the challenge, CodeSignal is ready to help your company go beyond the noise and grow your team efficiently.

Our engineers love that they can easily review playbacks of code in CodeSignal and refer back to these in the candidate debrief.
Nicole Wright
Rising Talent Lead