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Technical hiring and learning solutions

Discover and develop the skills that will shape the future with skills assessments and AI-powered learning tools.


Improve team performance with practice-based tech learning that delivers real, measurable results.


Ditch the resume screens and hone in on skilled candidates early with our top-of-funnel evaluations for high-volume pipelines.


Deliver the best candidate experience in a realistic coding environment, while accurately evaluating skill and fit.
for individuals

Master in-demand tech skills with an AI tutor built just for you

Learn the tech skills you need to reach your goals and land what’s next, with Cosmo by your side.

Why choose CodeSignal?

Give back time to your technical team

Leverage validated assessments built by CodeSignal and ensure only qualified candidates pass through.

Upskill & reskill to meet business needs

Level up your team with top skills & fill skill gaps identified in pre-hire assessments with personalized learning paths.

Make the right hires, faster

Measure relevant skills with validated questions, improve efficiency & prevent candidates from gaming the system.

Engage & retain top talent

Make learning realistic and fun with an addictive, practice-based experience & skills profiles for each team member.

Reduce bias & boost diversity

Ensure fairness and EEOC & OFCCP compliance with automated scoring, validation & adverse impact studies.

Build a future-ready workforce

Ensure your team has the skills to tackle today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow with benchmarking & analytics.

CodeSignal has been received very well by the product engineering team. We’ve tried multiple different solutions in this space, and [CodeSignal’s] interactivity, reliability, and language support has really helped us.

Tim Johnson

Engineering Manager at Greenhouse

Partnering with CodeSignal has helped us to manage a very high volume of interest from candidates in our process and quickly assess their technical acumen, without using a ton of engineering hours.

Nadia Abouzaid

Head of Diversity Talent Programs at Asana

CodeSignal is helping us realize a goal of making our recruiting process inclusive and objective. It has helped improve efficiency and increased the quality of our decision making.

Joel Baroody

Head of Recruiting at Brex

Choose a plan and solution aligned to your goals

Whether you’re aiming to level up or to build the next great team, our solutions meet you there and get you where you need to go.

Hire talent

Pre-Screen & Interview

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End-to-end tech hiring solution with:

DEVELOP skills

Develop For Teams

$24.29/month per user, billed annually

Upskill or reskill your technical team with:

Develop For Enterprise

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Upskill or reskill your technical organization with: