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Meet our leadership team

Learn more about the diverse team of leaders moving CodeSignal forward in the relentless pursuit of our mission.

Tigran is CodeSignal’s CEO and responsible for driving the company’s overall strategic direction and results. After graduating from MIT, he co-founded CodeSignal in 2015 to help teams and individuals discover and develop the skills that will shape the future.

Tigran Sloyan

Co-Founder & CEO
Aram oversees the software architecture and technology infrastructure at CodeSignal. He has been working on various technical challenges during his 10+ years of engineering experience and was listed as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs in Enterprise Technology.

Aram Shatakhtsyan

Co-Founder & CTO
Sophia heads up operations activities at CodeSignal, including finance and legal. Prior to co-founding CodeSignal, she started her career in investment banking at Lehman Brothers before gaining experience in operations at tech companies such as Wayfair, Zynga, and Beepi.

Sophia Baik

Co-Founder & COO
Brenna leads CodeSignal’s marketing organization to build awareness and drive demand across all channels. Prior to joining CodeSignal, she led marketing and GTM teams at Cornerstone OnDemand, Wiredrive, and TeleSign.

Brenna Lenoir

SVP of Marketing
Frank is responsible for scaling sales engineering functions across all regions to drive revenue growth. Prior to joining CodeSignal, he led software presales efforts at tech companies such as Lacework and AppDynamics.

Frank Lamprea

VP of WW Sales Engineering
Michael currently leads the engineering team at CodeSignal, having joined as one of the first software engineers in 2017. With personal experience as a candidate, interviewer, and hiring manager, he is deeply committed to making technical interviewing less painful for everyone.

Michael Newman

VP of Engineering
Peter is responsible for the vision and direction of CodeSignal’s products. He brings 15+ years experience building teams and influencing architectural strategy at companies including Pegasystems and Google, where he served as Director of Technology Solutions.

Peter Lu

SVP of Product
Priya's sole focus at CodeSignal is to make our customers wildly successful. Priya brings 12+ years of experience in corporate strategy and product, and has had successful customer success stints at companies in the cyber security and analytics industries.

Priya Bhatia

VP of Customer Success & Global Support
Year founded

Helping the world discover and develop the skills that will shape the future

Wherever you are on your skills journey—whether you're aiming to level up or building the next great team—CodeSignal meets you there and gets you where you need to go.

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