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Ditch the guesswork with fair & predictive Certified Evaluations

Accurately measure the right skills and eliminate question leaks with fair, objective results. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hire with confidence.


What are Certified Evaluations?

CodeSignal’s Certified Evaluations are role-relevant assessments that are written and maintained by subject matter experts and validated by Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologists.

Why use Certified Evaluations?

Stronger signal of skill

Predict later-stage interview performance early in the hiring process.

Reduce cheating

Minimize risk of plagiarism with dynamic question rotation and suspicious activity flagging.

Save engineering time

Our team handles designing, updating, and maintaining assessment questions.

Compare to benchmark data

Build an industry-leading process with key metrics and benchmarks for assessments.

Ensure compliance

Our validation and adverse impact studies support EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

Mitigate bias

Validated evaluations that highlight skills and abilities as opposed to background.

How we build Certified Evaluations

Our Talent Science team consults with subject matter experts, conducts extensive research, and reviews hundreds of job descriptions to determine which skills the evaluation needs to measure.

Dedicated assessment engineers collaborate with IO Psychologists to outline how the critical skills will be evaluated, with a general structure and building blocks.

Before rolling out a Certified Evaluation to candidates, it is validated by industry experts to confirm that the assessment captures the right skills and is fair and accurate.

Next, our team develops minor and major question variations with testing to ensure fair and consistent scoring. Variations combat plagiarism and leaking.

The Talent Science team conducts ongoing monitoring and adjustment of each evaluation, including conducting adverse impact analyses.



CodeSignal’s Certified Evaluations are built using our proprietary Skills Evaluation Frameworks, which enable you to consistently identify qualified candidates for your roles.

General Coding Framework

The industry standard for evaluating core coding skills and concepts commonly required for software development roles.
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Industry Coding Framework

Assesses advanced coding skills and concepts commonly required for software development and engineering roles.
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Data Analytics Framework

Evaluates core data skills, including data manipulation and analysis, that are commonly required for data analyst roles.
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Machine Learning Framework

Evaluates the ability to design effective, reliable, highly available, and fault-tolerant enterprise systems.
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Front-End Development Framework

Evaluates core user interface development skills commonly required for front-end engineering roles.
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