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Meet the Skills Evaluation Lab

Meet the team of scientists and engineers setting the industry standard for fair and predictive hiring.


What is the Skills Evaluation Lab?

The Skills Evaluation Lab is made up of CodeSignal’s teams of PhD Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologists and Assessment Design Engineers. Together, these teams develop, validate, maintain, and ensure compliance for the interviews and assessments your team conducts on CodeSignal.

One of the Lab’s key responsibilities is developing the Certified Evaluations that power CodeSignal Pre-Screen and Tech Screen. These evaluations are built using a proprietary framework-based approach that empowers you to consistently identify qualified candidates for technical roles.

Research & analysis to drive fair & predictive hiring

Assessment validation

The Lab’s Assessment Design Engineers and IO Psychologists collaborate to create Certified Evaluations and coding questions with high validity and strong fairness metrics, ensuring that candidates are being accurately evaluated on only job-relevant criteria.

Job analysis

When our IO Psychologists conduct a job analysis, they identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that allow people to succeed in the role (KSAOs). We then use the job analysis to add structure and consistency to your hiring process, including writing a job description.

Adverse impact research

Our IO Psychologists conduct adverse impact analysis on our Certified Evaluations to ensure that the pre-hire assessments being used to make hiring decisions are fair for all demographic groups.

Compliance support

The Lab supports compliance with employment regulations like EEOC by developing legally defensible pre-hire evaluations that are validated, job-relevant, and fair. We also monitor emerging regional regulations, such as NYC Local Law 144, to help flag implications.

Cut score advisory

Get support from the Lab in setting cut scores for your technical assessments. We take into account your hiring goals, the size and makeup of your candidate pool, core job requirements, the assessment’s stage in the hiring process, and more.

Funnel analysis

Partner with our expert data analysts to identify bottlenecks in your hiring funnel, understand drop-off rates, and apply learnings to create a diverse and inclusive recruiting process.

Fair, objective results

Accurately measure the right skills and eliminate question leaks with Certified Evaluations, created and validated by the Lab.


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