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Identify top talent at the top of the funnel

Ditch the resume screens and hone in on skilled candidates early with our top-of-funnel evaluations for high-volume pipelines.

Make decisions based on performance, not pedigree

Cast a wider net, with fewer resources

Reduce bias & boost diversity in hiring

Gain a stronger signal of skill

Trust the results of your evaluation

Align evaluations to your roles with expert support

Build a hiring process with results you can trust. We'll work with you to determine which of CodeSignal's research-backed and fully-maintained evaluations will be most predictive for your roles.

Broaden your reach

Send Pre-Screens to your entire candidate pipeline to quickly identify top talent. CodeSignal Pre-Screen is the only solution designed for high-volume candidate pipelines like university recruiting.

Ask smarter questions, at scale

Eliminate question leak concerns and save engineering time spent maintaining questions with our data-backed Certified Evaluations.

Prevent plagiarism

Online proctoring, ID verification, and multiple plagiarism checks prevent cheating and increase your confidence in candidates’ results.

Simplify results analysis

Compare a candidate’s skill level against the global developer population with our predictive Coding Score and detailed Coding Report.

Built for enterprise

Integrate with ATS, SSO & More

Add Pre-Screens seamlessly into your hiring process with deep integrations
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AI-Powered Coding Assistant

Improve candidate performance with Cosmo, an AI guide built into our IDE
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Advanced IDE

Make candidates feel at home with the same functionality they use on-the-job
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Reliable Suspicion Score

Flag suspicious activity from a variety of sources, including AI
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Pre-Screen Analytics

Build an industry-leading process with key metrics and benchmarks for assessments
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Compliance, Security & Privacy

Maintain compliance with EEOC, OFCCP, GDPR, and CCPA requirements
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The CodeSignal Pre-Screen Difference

Smarter questions

Get results you can trust—and data to prove it—with Certified Evaluations that are each backed by over 2,800 hours of research and validation.

Simpler process

Save up to $3 million a year, with benchmarking insights from millions of data points, partnership with our Talent Science team, and the integrations you need to reduce friction.

Stronger platform

Improve quality of hire with an IDE that simulates on-the-job experiences across a variety of roles, providing a stronger signal of candidate skill.

How Asana democratized their tech hiring

“Partnering with CodeSignal has helped us to manage a very high volume of interest from candidates in our process and quickly assess their technical acumen, without using a ton of engineering hours.”

Nadia Abouzaid, Head of Diversity Talent Programs at Asana



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Computer Science majors complete a CodeSignal Pre-Screen
Job descriptions reviewed for each Pre-Screen evaluation
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Hours spent developing each Pre-Screen evaluation

Let’s talk about tech hiring

Connect with a CodeSignal Expert who can help you find a solution for your team.


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