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customer story

GoodTime + CodeSignal

Reducing Time-to-Hire for Engineering Roles by 33 Percent


Software as a Service (SaaS)


San Francisco, CA





GoodTime enables talent acquisition teams to create an efficient, equitable, and personalized candidate experience that lands top talent faster.

GoodTime was founded in 2016 with one goal: to free up recruiters’ time to do the work that counts. Since then, the company has raised two rounds of funding, expanded their product offerings, and grown their team to nearly 100 employees. To continue this growth while prioritizing speed and efficiency, GoodTime needed a technical recruiting tool that allowed them to objectively evaluate candidates’ technical skills while reducing the amount of time their engineers spent interviewing.

CodeSignal technical skill evaluations proved an ideal fit, making it possible for GoodTime to replace their first-round technical interview with a validated coding screen and free up engineering hours.

With CodeSignal, our time-to-fill was reduced drastically. And by allowing us to validate candidates’ technical abilities, it really moved us away from a number of years of experience and toward a measure of skills in making hiring decisions.

— Brooke Richardson, Head of Talent Acquisition @ GoodTime

Gaining Buy-In for a Tech Recruiting Process Change

In Q3 of 2021, with a big push for hiring engineers fast approaching, GoodTime’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Brooke Richardson, knew something had to change.

To meet their engineering hiring goals using their previous process—which involved 2 to 3 interviews conducted by GoodTime engineers—would require an enormous investment of engineering time. It would also be a slow process for candidates, who would need to wait up to a week for an interviewer’s availability at each stage.

To gain buy-in for a recruiting process change, Brooke, the talent team, and Jenn, GoodTime’s Head of People, worked closely with GoodTime’s engineering team to help them realize the need for a scalable solution that would still deliver qualified candidates to the final-stage technical interview. Together, the Talent Acquisition and Engineering teams agreed on CodeSignal as the tool that would best meet their needs for both quality and speed.

Scaling a High-Growth Engineering Team

Since adopting CodeSignal, GoodTime grew their engineering team by over 25 percent in 2021—and they’re planning for another big engineering hiring push in 2022.

Meanwhile, engineers have significantly reduced the amount of time they spent interviewing candidates. Rather than spending an hour in an interview with an early-stage candidate, engineers reserve their time spent recruiting to a much smaller pool of late-stage candidates who have already demonstrated technical competence via CodeSignal.

The result is a process that meets the needs of all stakeholders: with CodeSignal, engineers are freed up to do the work that matters, recruiters improve time-to-fill for technical roles, and candidates experience a seamless and fast recruiting process that allows them to show off their best work.

GoodTime, like most organizations, understands that recruiting processes need to meet the rapidly changing needs of candidates and the talent landscape, but CodeSignal will always continue to be a part of this equation.

How Can CodeSignal Help Your Company?

GoodTime utilizes CodeSignal Pre-Screen to improve speed-to-hire for engineering roles and save engineering time spent on recruiting, all while pursuing aggressive technical hiring goals. The consistency and ease of use help companies like GoodTime reduce time-to-hire, support DE&I initiatives by reducing bias, and stay competitive in fast-moving technical fields. No matter the challenge, CodeSignal’s ready to help your company #GoBeyondResumes and scale without sacrifice.