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Some of our Clients

The world's most competitive companies use CodeSignal Recruiter to hire quality technical talent faster. And, to ensure all candidates have a consistent assessment experience, companies use CodeSignal Recruiter to create standardized, scalable testing and interview processes to vet and measure technical talent.

"A startup in Silicon Valley is challenging conventional hiring practices in the white, male-dominated world of tech by giving coders a platform to be tested on their raw talent..."

"[CodeSignal Recruiter] is a particularly important tool to fight bias, especially from those hiring managers who are among the majority who believe that top performers come from top colleges..."


The world's best companies use CodeSignal to meet their technical hiring needs.

  • Work with the CodeSignal team to create custom tests that are calibrated with your interview process
  • Create assessments that test for more than just data structures and algorithms
  • Send coding tests and receive the results directly in your ATS
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art plagiarism check system on all code submissions
  • Conduct phone and in-person interviews in a shared coding environment
  • Create a video-base paired coding session
  • Leverage an advanced IDE that supports 40 programming languages
  • Select custom questions or high quality interview questions from the massive CodeSignal task library
  • Save interview results and share with colleagues