Category: Measuring Dev Skills

Free-coding tasks

It’s pretty amazing that the CodeSignal platform is able to provide automated tests for such a wide variety of tasks, including front-end questions! But what

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Creating a new task

The CodeSignal library of over 4000 questions covers a huge range of topics, but for the rare instances where clients have very niche or specialized

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Free-form text

Sometimes we’d like to give candidates a technical test that’s not specifically measuring their coding skills, such as a data analysis project that measures their

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Asynchronous Code

As we’ve seen in previous tasks, one of the main strengths and focuses of the CodeSignal platform is its ability to provide targeted assessment –

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Data Analysis

One of the big strengths of the CodeSignal platform is the consistency and simplicity of the UI; the theme and layout can be customized to

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JavaScript UI tasks

In a previous episode we looked at how CodeSignal can evaluate a front-end user interface task involving React; this time, we check out an example

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Bug Fixing

Bugfix is one of the classic types of tasks on CodeSignal. This type of task involves finding and correcting a single mistake within an otherwise

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