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Automate Technical Interviews

Conduct in-depth assessments with custom coding tests tailored to the skills you require on the job

Make No Compromises

Candidate experience and interview process optimization, have them both.

Find the Right Candidate Faster

Save hours of engineering interviews and whiteboarding by assessing candidates using real-world tasks that simulate on-the-job performance

Improve Interview-to-Hire Ratio

Test real coding skills, not just theory, by giving candidates assessment scenarios that they'll encounter on the job

Boost Engineering Team Diversity

Use objective skills-based assessments to make unbiased hiring decisions and truly diversify your engineering team

A Flight Simulator for Developers

Provide the best candidate experience with an integrated cloud development environment that feels just like programming locally.

  • Advanced code editor with the same features as Visual Studio Code
  • Built-in terminal with complete access to a dedicated Linux environment
  • Integrated filesystem to support full-stack projects

Deep Knowledge Assessment

Measuring job-specific skills is critical when assessing experienced candidates. CodeSignal enables you to conduct assessments that are highly relevant to your open roles ranging from mobile, front-end, backend, devops, data science, and more.

Candidate Experience

CodeSignal enables the full experience of development in the cloud, not just a web-based code editor. Key features include:

  • Monaco-powered code editor
  • Built-in Ubuntu terminal
  • Multi-file system support
  • Instant code execution

Support from I-O Psychologists

Develop custom assessments with the support of CodeSignal’s dedicated team of test design engineers, I-O Psychologists, and psychometricians. Support includes:

  • Assessment validation
  • Job analysis
  • Adverse impact analysis
  • Score calibration


With calibrated assessments at your disposal, you can evaluate many more candidates without being limited by interviewer capacity. Invite your candidates easily from your dashboard or directly within your ATS.

Enterprise Ready

The world’s biggest companies trust CodeSignal’s enterprise-grade platform

ATS Integration

Add assessments seamlessly into your hiring process directly in your ATS

Professional Content Team

Partner with our in-house content experts to create tests that are customized for your team

Validation Study

Conduct unbiased assessments and stay EEOC-compliant

Plagiarism Check

Detect similarities in candidates' submissions automatically to protect the assessment integrity

Shareable Results

Share Coding Reports and Assessment Results via a link or PDF

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Rely on our expertise to ensure your success. From roll-out planning to user training, we got your back


Manage users easily while ensuring secure and convenient logins with SSO (Single Sign On)

Custom APIs and Webhooks

Set up custom workflows and reports with our APIs and Webhooks for advanced analytics and custom workflows

Compliance, Security & Privacy Controls

Operate with robust security and privacy standards including GDPR and CCPA compliance

Featured Customer Story

Outreach uses CodeSignal to scale technical recruiting process while also increasing diversity.

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