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Robinhood + CodeSignal

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Menlo Park, CA




Pre-Screen, Interview

Robinhood partnered with CodeSignal in 2019, adopting CodeSignal’s suite of technical interview and assessment solutions and implementing them throughout their recruiting process. University recruiting manager Charlene Delapena concisely breaks down how Robinhood has integrated CodeSignal: “[w]e are using their skills evaluation framework at the beginning of our interview stage to assess for technical ability. And, we’re all using their live interview feature to conduct coding interviews.”

CodeSignal Pre-Screen allows Robinhood’s recruiting teams to quickly send out coding skill evaluations that are automatically scored, freeing up valuable time and resources for Robinhood’s engineering team and allowing them to review more candidates in less time. Not only does it give recruiters an objective snapshot of a candidate’s technical skills, but it also replaces manual resume reviews as a top-of-funnel screening tool, helping recruiters make faster, data-driven decisions with less bias.

CodeSignal is eliminating the manual resume review, it is removing bias, and it is also reducing time-to-hire. This in turn also creates a better candidate experience, because they’re able to move through the interview process so much quicker.

— Charlene Delapena, Recruiting Manager

Robinhood’s engineering teams then use CodeSignal as they move candidates further down the hiring funnel. With a library of over one dozen interview templates, support for over three dozen coding languages, and automatic, predictive scoring, engineers can develop, send out, and score questions quickly and with consistency.

Interview is an all-in-one remote technical interviewing solution that integrates HD audio and video calling, a collaborative coding environment, a virtual whiteboard, replayability, and more. Engineering manager Puneeth Gadangi notest that a key benefit for him is “the replay functionality,” which “makes it easy to go back and see what we did”–this helps engineers better evaluate candidates by going beyond the candidate’s solutions and scores and giving them a window into how the candidate approaches and thinks through problems.

Without CodeSignal, this sort of dedication to candidate experience requires even more resources to be invested into an already-demanding process. Talent acquisition professionals already spend weeks’ worth of time on screening, outreach, relationship-building, interviewing, and scheduling just to fill a single position; for engineers, each onsite interview can eat up an entire workday, not to mention the time spent writing and reviewing take-home projects, participating in phone and video interviews, and debriefing with other teams. This takes time and energy away from the work that’s driving the company’s growth in the first place; after all, more time spent hiring new engineers means less time developing innovative products and solutions. 

Puneeth also identifies an added perk for his team–he says that “on the training side, it’s much easier to onboard new interviewers when we have this standard setup that we can just help them use, and everyone is using the exact same system.” By saving engineering hours and promoting consistency in the hiring process, Robinhood can both meet their ambitious goals and create a positive hiring experience for both candidates and employees. 

How Can CodeSignal Help Your Company?

Robinhood utilizes CodeSignal’s suite of solutions to create a seamless, scalable hiring process for recruiters, engineers, and candidates alike. Their recruiting teams use Pre-Screen to quickly identify diamond-in-the-rough candidates with the right technical skills, regardless of pedigree, at the very top of the funnel. Meanwhile, their engineers use Interview to take a deeper dive into a candidate’s skills and abilities. The consistency and ease of use help companies like Robinhood reduce time-to-hire, support equity initiatives by reducing bias, and stay competitive in fast-moving technical fields. No matter the challenge, CodeSignal’s ready to help your company #GoBeyondResumes and scale without sacrifice.

It’s really easy to use, and the replay functionality makes it easy to go back and see what we did.
Puneeth Gadangi
Engineering Manager