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Certified Coding Assessments

Scale your recruiting pipeline with framework-based assessments

Data-Driven Recruiting Starts Here

Make objective hiring decisions based on skill assessment data

End-to-End Testing Solution

We handle everything in software engineer certification, from question design to test delivery and results analysis, leaving you time to focus on your best talent

Certified and Proctored

Our ID verification, plagiarism technology, and human review process ensure that Coding Reports and Assessment Results indicate a candidate’s true skills

Fast and Scalable Results

Instantly send coding assessments to your entire candidate pipeline and start evaluating applicants based on their skills, not just their resume

Backed by Research, Created by Experts

Predict candidate performance more accurately by leveraging CodeSignal’s framework-based assessments. Our certification assessments are fully maintained by CodeSignal’s in-house experts, so you don’t have to.

Results Analysis Made Simple

Predict a candidate’s technical interview performance even before introducing them to your hiring managers. With CodeSignal’s Coding Score, you can compare your candidate’s skill level against the global developer population.

Advanced Coding Environment

Our Monaco-powered IDE is a thing of beauty. Its similarity to Visual Studio Code makes engineers feel at home instantly. Enjoy advanced features including:

  • Autocomplete
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Inline documentation on hover
  • Configurable settings and themes
  • Hotkeys, and much more!

Enhanced Credibility

Online proctoring and ID verification prevent potential cheating and increase your confidence in the assessment results. Our plagiarism checker works behind the scene to further enhance the assessment’s integrity.

Designed for Top of the Funnel

Send Certified Assessments to your entire candidate pipeline; quickly identify top software engineers and focus on the best talent. CodeSignal’s Certify is the only solution designed specifically for high-volume candidate pipelines.

Enterprise Ready

The world’s biggest companies trust CodeSignal’s enterprise-grade platform

ATS Integration

Add assessments seamlessly into your hiring process directly in your ATS

Framework Based Assessments

Ensure high consistency and validity for all your assessments

Predictive Coding Score

Measure implementation, problem-solving, and language-specific skills with standardized Coding Score

Online Proctoring

Enhance the integrity of assessments with online proctoring and ID verification

Sharable Results

Share Coding Reports and Assessment Results via a link or PDF

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Rely on our expertise to ensure your success. From roll-out planning to user training, we got your back


Manage users easily while ensuring secure and convenient logins with SSO (Single Sign On)

Custom APIs and Webhooks

Set up custom workflows and reports with our APIs and Webhooks for advanced analytics and custom workflows

Compliance, Security & Privacy Controls

Operate with robust security and privacy standards including GDPR and CCPA compliance

Featured Customer Story

TripAction uses CodeSignal Interview to gain a deeper understanding of candidate’s problem solving ability.

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