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How to Apply Data-Driven Recruiting to Hire Engineers

The data-driven approach to software engineering talent acquisition

This guide is for Talent Acquisition leaders who want to leverage data to transform their recruiting and hiring strategies into an effective and repeatable recruiting process.

From engaging engineering talent to analyzing performance, we discuss what will set you up for ultimate data-driven recruiting success! Find out how you can implement DDR  a data-driven approach to hiring in your organization today.

With this guide, you will learn:

    • The fundamentals of data-driven recruiting
    • Why recruiting leaders need to pivot from the old to the new process of hiring engineering talent
    • How to implement data-driven recruiting to hire engineers

Over the next ten years, data-driven recruiting will become the norm and not the exception. Today you can gain a competitive advantage by getting ahead of the curve.

– Tigran Sloyan, CEO at CodeSignal

What's Inside

Data-Driven Recruiting Insights You’ll Gain

Fundamentals of Data-Driven Recruiting

Learn what data-driven recruiting is, everything from the benefits to results.

The Old Process of Hiring Engineers

Discover how traditional recruiting can hinder your ability to meet your diversity hiring goals.

The New DDR Process of Hiring Engineers

Throw out the resume review and recreate your entire hiring process by implementing data-driven recruiting.

How to Implement DDR at Your Organization

Revolutionize your hiring process by implementing each step of data-driven recruiting.

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