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Dive deeper with Jupyter Notebook on CodeSignal

Data scientists are a new breed of analytical data experts who have the technical skills to solve complex problems, and the aptitude to find new problems to explore. With a unique mix of mathematics, computer science, and trend-spotting, data scientists are highly sought after, but how do you find the right ones?

CodeSignal is excited to announce that our live interview tool now supports Jupyter Notebook, the most popular integrated environment among data scientists where candidates can write and run their code as well as visualize data. This makes it a handy tool for performing end-to-end data science workflows – data cleaning, statistical modeling, building and training machine learning models, visualizing data, and more.

Interviewers using CodeSignal Interview are now able to provide an environment for candidates to demonstrate their skills in data science with just one simple click. Start your interview session and click the “Open Jupyter” button. You can continue to utilize the video calling feature and any other CodeSignal Interview functionalities.

Here are a few of many ways to utilize Jupyter Notebook in CodeSignal for live interviews:

Live Collaboration

Experience real-time collaboration with your candidates in a single Jupyter Notebook. All the actions between the interviewer and candidate are synchronized. Any changes made by the candidate will be visible to the interviewer and vice-versa.

Data Visualization

Calculate different statistical measures, and plot data right inside the browser. Visualize data with your candidate, working through problems together and discussing outputs.

Code Snippets

Running snippets of code just became easier! Rather than running a whole file, Jupyter Notebook allows users to run pieces of code, block by block. 

Multiple Languages

Don’t be limited! Although Jupyter Notebook is commonly populated with python code, you have the opportunity to experiment with various kernels including Python2, Python3, R, and even NodeJS and C++17!

Session Download

Interested in saving a candidate’s work for further review? No problem! With our integration, you can download the results of a Jupyter Notebook in your preferable format including .pdf, .ipynb, and more! 

With CodeSignal Interview, you can create a great data science live interview experience that your candidate and you will love. Request a free demo today.