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CodeSignal speaks at Tech Inclusion SF about removing hiring biases with technology

Will we see you at Tech Inclusion (#TechInclusion) this year?

October 15th, 2018, marks the kickoff of Tech Inclusion San Francisco 2018. Most of the recent diversity and inclusion initiatives in tech has been to consciously and actively select for people of more diverse backgrounds, which has made a significant impact. But what if we can completely remove conscious and unconscious bias all together? To achieve this, we must start from the first step: hiring. The key to removing biases is to make our assessments and processes as objective as possible and build it into our HR workflow. Today, we’ll talk about the impact of technologies that have been used to anonymize candidate information even before we start evaluating them.

The CodeSignal team is particularly excited about this year’s event because our CEO, Tigran Sloyan, is joining a panel on day two with Mehul Patel, CEO of, and Lauren Ryan, VP of New Products at They’ll be chatting about “how technology can completely remove biases from hiring”.

Here are just a few reasons why you should join us.

What is Tech Inclusion San Francisco?

2018 will be the fourth annual occurrence of Tech Inclusion San Francisco, an event dedicated to furthering the causes of diversity and inclusion. This year’s theme is “Voices of Innovation,” which spotlights diverse and underrepresented voices who are shaping innovative technology of the future.

The conference spans a three-day period (October 15th – 17th) and is packed full of educational and networking events for tech leaders, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, students and technical talent are invited to attend.

For an hour-by-hour listing of all scheduled happenings, check out the detailed agenda. Here’s a quick preview of what is planned for each day:

Day 1 (Monday, October 15):

Doors open at 8 am. Attendees can choose from a variety of workshops, breakout sessions, and presentations that run through early afternoon.

Day 2 (Tuesday, October 16):

Doors open at 8 am. Keynote presentations and panels begin mid-morning and run through late afternoon. Happy hour begins at 5 pm and ends at 7 pm.

Day 3 (Wednesday, October 17):

The third and final day is primarily focused on the career fair, which begins at 11 am and concludes at 3 pm. After networking with fellow tech companies, developers, and educational institutions, be sure to stop by the Mezzanine Level for a free headshot. Several workshops are also scheduled for Wednesday.

Who Should Attend Tech Inclusion San Francisco?

Tech Inclusion San Francisco is an excellent opportunity for anyone who works (or aspires to work) in the technology industry.

Founders & Tech Leaders:

Learn best practices for building a more inclusive company culture by interacting with top CEOs, including Greg Clark of Symantec, Mehul Patel of Hired, Melinda Briana Epler of Change Catalyst, Danielle DeRuiter-Williams of The Justice Collective, and our very own Tigran Sloyan of CodeSignal.

Hiring Managers:

Engage in thought-provoking sessions that will challenge the status quo within your hiring organization. Be sure to attend the keynote facilitated by our CEO, Tigran Sloyan, titled “How Technology Can Remove Biases from Hiring.” By attending this panel, you’ll get an action-oriented game plan for removing conscious and unconscious biases from your hiring workflow. You’ll also learn how to leverage technology to create assessments and processes, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Technical Talent:

Tech Inclusion San Francisco isn’t just for management-level staff. Developers and programmers are also encouraged to participate in the conversation. Choose from workshops on a variety of topics, such as creating more “inclusive” products, collaborating for true change, cyber security and culture, protecting human rights in the age of AI, and much more.


The career fair on Wednesday, October 17th, is a great chance for students to establish connections with tech employers. Well-respected technological schools will also be represented at the career fair.

Connect with CodeSignal at Tech Inclusion 2018

Be sure to give us a shout if you plan to attend #TechInclusion.

We’d love to meet you and show how our CodeSignal platform makes hiring more inclusive by standardizing technical assessments, streamlining interviews, and overcoming unintended biases. Learn more about CodeSignal today.