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Announcing CodeSignal and Interview Schedule Integration

Recruiters know that scheduling panel interviews can be a hassle. It requires you to navigate multiple interviewers’ calendars, find a time that works for the candidate, and ensure necessary technology is ready to go, among other logistical details. Now, with 86 percent of companies conducting interviews remotely, scheduling remote on-site interviews has become even trickier. If only there were a magical optimization machine that could figure out these logistics for you!

That’s why CodeSignal is excited to announce a new partnership with Interview Schedule that takes the headache out of scheduling interviews. Interview Schedule, which chooses the optimal time for panel interviews in just a few seconds, is the closest you can get to a magical scheduling machine. Whether you’re scheduling a simple 1:1 technical interview or a complex panel interview with multiple interviewers, Interview Schedule makes scheduling painless by seamlessly integrating with your applicant tracking system (ATS). Even better, Interview Schedule can choose a perfectly-balanced panel of interviewers based on criteria you define, like seniority and diversity. 

Using Interview Schedule and CodeSignal together is now simpler than ever with this new integration. With this powerful integration (using CodeSignal’s API!), you can generate a CodeSignal interview session link directly from within Interview Schedule quickly and easily.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

  • Seamless interview scheduling: Before, users of Interview Schedule needed to manually create a new CodeSignal session for each remote interview and copy the link into each calendar invite. Now, the process is automated and seamless – users can easily add a CodeSignal interview session link as a dynamic field in their Interview Schedule template. Do this once, and you’re done!
  • Ensure correct links for each interview session: Remote on-sites often involve back-to-back interview sessions with different panels of interviewers, each requiring a unique session link. When you schedule CodeSignal interview sessions through Interview Schedule, you can breathe easy knowing you sent the correct CodeSignal interview session link to the candidate and interviewers for each session.
  • Integrations with ATS: Both Interview Schedule and CodeSignal integrate seamlessly with the most popular ATS platforms. If you’re already using an ATS, adding Interview Schedule to your recruitment toolbox further simplifies the flow of your recruitment process by automating interview and on-site scheduling. 

Already using Interview Schedule and CodeSignal? Learn more about using our new integration in this CodeSignal Knowledge Base article

Better Together

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