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Scale Technical Interviews with CodeSignal and Interview Schedule

With this new integration, recruiters can create and add CodeSignal interview session links directly in Interview Schedule.

How to use CodeSignal and Interview Schedule together

Optimize your technical interview scheduling process

Automate repetitive manual tasks of creating and adding interview session links.    
• Add a CodeSignal interview session link as a dynamic field in your Interview Schedule template once and for all
• Send a newly generated CodeSignal session link automatically when Interview Schedule sends out a calendar invite using the template

Create a seamless interview experience for both candidates and interviewers

Ensure you send the right CodeSignal session links to the right people, every time.
• Utilize Interview Schedule to simplify complex interview scheduling tasks
• Relax knowing that the CodeSignal x Interview Schedule integration takes care of sending out the correct links 

See the CodeSignal & Interview Schedule integration in action

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