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How To Avoid Bias While Measuring Skills

One of the main reasons to begin the process of going beyond resumes is to eliminate bias – while still measuring skills. It sounds straight-forward enough, but good intentions don’t always end the way we think they will.

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Testing UI Skills

To begin the series, we introduce CodeSignal’s pair-programming platform, which will not only allow us to create these videos in

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Why Test Design Matters

Test design. What does that actually mean and how important is it in the process of going beyond resumes? It’s not just about the assessment because having a bunch of shiny new tests isn’t the goal.

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Using Data to Expand Top of the Funnel

If you ask companies what their biggest challenge is today (when it comes to recruiting anyways), they’ll tell you it’s the top of the funnel. AKA, not enough “good” candidates are applying to their jobs. But the truth is, more and more people are entering the tech industry and job market.

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