Create comprehensive coding tests and get instant results

With CodeSignal Recruiter, you can create and send out technical assessments quickly and easily, no matter how large your candidate pool is. Instant performance result reports make it simple to identify and weed out unqualified candidates.

We thought it would be a way to flip recruiting on its head. CodeSignal Recruiter moves the raw talent test piece up to the very first step in the process

Bob Cowherd

Head of Hiring Growth @Uber

Custom tests to fit your unique hiring needs

We've been creating tests for engineers for over four years. We'll work with your team to understand the role and create unit and integration assessments and iterate the tests with your team until they are ready to be launched.

Set up a customized real-world programming test in under 5 minutes

Do you want to go beyond testing basic algorithm and data structure knowledge? With CodeSignal Recruiter, you can measure candidates on skills from databases to DevOps to front-end development to mobile (and more).

Leverage the built-in CodeSignal Recruiter plagiarism check

Our customers get a response rate from CodeSignal candidates that's 5 times better than from candidates sourced using other channels, so you don't waste time pursuing uninterested talent.

On average our customers see an onsite-to-offer rate of 25%, while some customers have experienced rates over 40%! (The industry average rate is only 20%.)

Send coding tests and receive instant results, right from your ATS

CodeSignal Recruiter can be integrated with Greenhouse and Lever. You can send coding tests, evaluate the results, and manage the entire candidate lifecycle directly from the ATS platform you already use.