Understand Where You Stand in the Market

Get your coding skills certified, practice for technical interviews and build your developer resume.

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Practice and Certify Your Coding Skills

Don't leave your job application up to chance, certify your skills and start getting noticed

Practice in a Real-World Coding Environment

Complete coding interview challenges and assessments in a real-world coding environment and get scored on your understanding with Predictive Coding Scores.

Certify Your Skills and Get Noticed by Employers

Apply to jobs using CodeSignal's widely accepted Certified Assessments and increase your chances of landing interviews.

Be Prepared for Technical Interviews

Select a study plan that fits your schedule and start practicing concepts and topics frequently asked during real technical interviews.

The most advanced assessment platform for developers by developers

Simulate an immersive real-life work environment with features that help you get noticed

Certified Assessment

Not all tests are created equal. Make sure you’re applying to jobs with a certified and accepted coding assessment to increase your chances of landing that interview

Predictive Coding ScoreTM

See a breakdown of your subject-specific capabilities to help you understand where you stand in the market and where you need to improve

Real-World Coding Environment

Complete challenges in an on-the-job coding environment to ensure that you’re being measured for performance; not just theory

Huge Challenge Library

Challenge yourself with over 1,000 different coding tasks that range in difficulty, topic, and theme to improve your coding skills every day

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