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About Company Challenges

These challenges have been modeled after interesting problems that engineers from top tech companies tackle every day. Try and see what it's like to be in their shoes!

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See What it's Like to Work at Top Companies

Ever wondered if your coding skills are up to par with engineers from Dropbox, Quora, Evernote and other top tech companies? Try their challenges to find out!

Solve Company Related Tasks

Each of the questions you face is tailored after a specific company. For example, expect to see routing and scheduling algorithms as part of Uber's challenges.

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Haley started as a wildfire lookout in Idaho, where she coded an app to help lookouts locate fires more effectively. With coding practice and interview tips on CodeSignal, she got a job at Scoop Technologies in San Francisco as an Android developer.

Haley Hinze


now @ Scoop


Marcus came to CodeSignal wanting to practice for software engineering interviews, but ended up finding a whole lot more! With help from CodeSignal, he transitioned from a hardware development job to a full-time software engineering role at Evernote.

Marcus Currie


now @ Evernote


Justin used CodeSignal to keep his skills sharp while he launched a bike-sharing startup on the East Coast. When he was ready for his next adventure, he used CodeSignal to find a job as an engineering manager at LiveRamp in San Francisco.

Justin Molineaux


now @ LiveRamp