Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Learn how you can go beyond resumes in technical hiring with our state-of-the-art assessment platform

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Improve Technical Hiring Efficiency

Make assessments part of your recruiting process and scale up your engineering team quickly

Find Great Candidates Faster

Anticipate a candidate's technical interview performance even before introducing them to your hiring managers

Improve Interview-to-Hire Ratio

Test real coding skills, not just theory, by giving candidates assessment scenarios that they'll actually encounter on the job

Diversify Your Engineering Team

Use objective skills-based assessments to make data-driven hiring decisions and truly diversify your engineering team

The Only Technical Assessment Solution You Need

Choose Technical Assessments for Every Stage of Your Hiring Process


Scale your top of funnel recruiting processes with proctored Certified Assessments conducted in an advanced IDE environment with file structures, code runners, session recordings and plagiarism checks.


Increase interview-to-hire ratio with customized take-home assessments that measure candidate skills based on tasks, programming languages, and frameworks that they will actually face on the job.


Conduct on-site or live remote interviews with multiple people via a collaborative IDE with high definition video calling, pair programming and all the features of CodeSignal’s advanced coding environment.

The most advanced assessment platform on the market

Simulate an immersive real-life work environment with features that candidates will use on the job

Predictive Scoring

See a breakdown of subject-specific capabilities of each candidate to help you make data-based hiring decisions

Plagiarism Checker

Rest assured that our robust plagiarism algorithms will flag any suspicious submissions and let you know if someone’s trying to game the system

Session Recordings

Every assessment on CodeSignal is recorded and ready to be shared with your hiring team for review

Advanced Coding Environment

Simulate a real-world experience to ensure that you’re measuring candidates for performance; not just theory

41 Languages and Tools Supported

Test your candidates using languages, frameworks and tools unique to your job including JavaScript, Python, PHP, React, Ruby, Swift, and many more

ATS Integrations

Send assessments and receive results directly from your ATS. CodeSignal integrates with popular ATS including Greenhouse, Lever, SmartRecruiter and many others

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of companies have already scaled their hiring process with CodeSignal.

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