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4 time-saving hacks for recruiters

Recruiters today face a conundrum. With a tight hiring market, delivering an exceptional candidate experience and investing in interviewer training are more crucial than ever for landing top talent. At the same time, recruiters are squeezed for time as companies increase their headcount—especially for technical roles.

The question is then: how can recruiters scale their hiring while also creating a personalized, enjoyable experience for each candidate in their pipeline?

That’s where automation comes into play. Automating core recruiting functions frees up recruiters’ time to do what they’re great at: building connections with candidates. As one TA leader expressed in a recent survey, “automation saves time so recruiters can focus more on candidate experience”—and data shows that over 80 percent of recruiters agree.

As experts in the field, CodeSignal and GoodTime have identified a few easy ways to leverage recruiting automation to free up recruiters’ time.

1. Automate your interview scheduling

Interview scheduling is one of those activities for which more time spent does not equal more value gained. In fact, an automated interview scheduling tool is much less error-prone than a human and can juggle multiple interviewers’ schedules in a fraction of the time it would take a recruiter. Nevertheless, many recruiting teams still schedule interviews manually. 

A recent study by GoodTime found that the use of an automated interview scheduling tool can increase the output of a recruiting team by up to 200 percent

At their best, these tools can automate the entire scheduling back-and-forth with candidates, including:

  • Asking for a candidate’s availability
  • Align the candidate’s availability with the interviewing team’s calendars
  • Send out calendar invitations pre-populated with relevant information and links
  • Optimize for efficiency by scheduling in minutes, not hours

2. Set up automated follow-up and reminder emails

Automating reminder and follow-up emails is one of the easiest recruiting automation hacks because it is likely a feature of a tool you already use, like your ATS or technical assessment platform. An email reminder before an upcoming interview is an easy way to increase the number of touchpoints that create a positive experience for a candidate. 

These emails don’t need to be especially personal—they just need to be helpful. This is totally possible with a templated, automated email.

3. Take advantage of integrations between tools you’re already using

Integrations are an effective but often underutilized time-saving hack for recruiters. Done well, integrations can reduce the number of external tools a recruiter needs to navigate in their daily work from over a dozen to just 2-3: their ATS, LinkedIn, and email, for instance.

Here are some of the most useful integrations for recruiters:

  • Scheduling tool (GoodTime) to video conferencing tool (Zoom, Google Meet)
  • Candidate assessment tool (CodeSignal) to scheduling tool 
  • Onsite visitor management (Envoy) to applicant tracking system (Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS)
  • Applicant tracking system to recruiting analytics tool (Gem)

4. Engage a sourcing or screening automation tool

Automation can also play a surprisingly useful role in recruiting functions that seem more subjective: sourcing and screening candidates. In fact, recruiters surveyed in a recent report listed sourcing as the most useful area for recruiting automation. 

Automated sourcing tools leverage AI to identify passive candidates who hold the skills and experience that align with the roles you’re hiring for, saving recruiters countless hours scrolling through profiles on LinkedIn.

Technical screening tools, on the other hand, automate top-of-funnel candidate screening processes (generally manual resume review) by measuring candidates’ skills directly through a validated and predictive assessment tool. These allow recruiters to confidently advance candidates who meet a certain threshold for technical skills without needing to rely on resumes as a proxy for these skills.

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