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8 Apr

New Feature: CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard

CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard

We are excited to launch a highly anticipated feature: CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard! 🎉

Remote assessments and interviews offer teams the flexibility to evaluate talent anywhere at any time, and the ability to do so has become crucial to the hiring process in this day in age. To evaluate system design skills in particular, you will need a feature like CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard to enable your teams to conduct this style of interview.

With our digital equivalent of a traditional whiteboard, candidates can effectively communicate their ideas, thought processes and knowledge visually. Whiteboard sessions can take place in real-time over a video call, and you can toggle back and forth between our whiteboard and state-of-the-art IDE. No need to download additional software or switch between multiple applications! Interviewers can collaborate with candidates on designs, or guide and instruct candidates through various exercises. 

The interface is simple and intuitive to use, offering a stellar candidate experience and allowing talent to demonstrate their full potential by worrying less about learning how to use a potentially new platform and focusing more on the content of their work.

Feature Highlights

During your live interview session, simply click “Whiteboard” to switch from our state-of-the-art IDE and unlock your candidates’ creative potential with our feature-rich whiteboard. 


Candidate can select from the following shapes to create flow charts and more: 

  • Line
  • Arrow
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse


Take any of the following actions to get your design in tip-top shape:

  • Pan
  • Eraser
  • Undo
  • Clear


Use our Pencil or Text feature to add comments to your design.


Draw attention to key aspects of your design by controlling the Stroke Width, Text Size, and Color of your text.

With these amazing features, CodeSignal makes it possible for your team to knock down geographical barriers and unlock the power of coding and whiteboarding all in one platform, anywhere, anytime. Contact us to get started today!


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