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Top 3 tips for finding a job today

Join CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan and Co-Founder Sophia Baik in Data-Drive Recruiting Episode #42 as they discuss various ways to find a job today. In this episode you will learn about:

  • How you can find a job during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Strategies and tips for parlaying your skills into new opportunities

Keeping a cool head in an unprecedented economy

As of May 21, over 38 million people have filed for unemployment in the last nine weeks with U.S. jobless claims expected to grow from April’s 14.7% to 20% or higher. While the impact of COVID-19 may be less severe in the tech sector than in other industries, there are many people who are laid off or furloughed in this unprecedented market. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed, but there are strategies and resources available to accelerate your transition. Here Sloyan and Baik share their Top 3 Tips for finding a job today in reverse order from good to great. Here we go.

#3 – Layoffs list

Trackers such as are a good starting point for real-time industry context to ground your search and as a portal for laid-off startup employees together in one place. The benefit of these crowdsourced spreadsheets, many of which have been published publicly on LinkedIn, is that they make it known you are actively seeking new opportunities with companies hiring for your skillset. It is a double-edged sword, admits Sloyan, because there is a false perception that the people getting laid off are the under-performers in the company and not top talent. While good for getting your name out there and building relationships within your network, this tactic is not a standalone solution for finding your next job.

Startup layoffs chart


#2 – Recognize skills are highly transferable

While companies may not be hiring for your specific job title, they may be in need of your skillset. “This is a time to be open-minded and think about what skills you have and where you want to apply them in your career,” says Baik. Take a step back and think about the core skills that made you successful in past roles and where there is greatest demand for them today. While you may have to take a temporary step back in title (i.e. moving from a senior to mid-level) when you move into a different role, high potential talent can re-ramp to the level in their previous company through high performance. On top of that, it is good to manage expectations for yourself and count yourself lucky in the aforementioned unprecedented times.

#1 – Target companies that have been insulated from the pandemic’s effects 

With a little thoughtful planning and smart networking, you can find pockets of opportunity in this COVID-19 job market. Browse jobs that are “work from home” or “remote” and explore companies dedicated to collaboration tools, grocery and food delivery, and others in industries experiencing a surge in demand during this time. There are plenty of national lists of companies hiring during the crisis or tech-specific firms hiring now. Explore their job boards to see what skills they are hiring for and which ones are a fit with your unique talents. (When it comes time for the remote interview, CodeSignal is your go-to source, whether you are a candidate or a recruiter adapting to this new normal.) 

Nurture your network

It is always a great time to start building relationships with people you know at your target companies. Bounce back from job loss faster by reaching out to your existing network and using this time as a chance to remember to continually nurture it. The combination of taking a step back to consider your core skill set, researching companies hiring during the pandemic, and engaging with people who can elevate your visibility as a qualified job-seeker are all tangible and smart steps you can take right now.

Level up your skills

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