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Testing relational database skills

The CodeSignal interview tool can be used to automate the assessment of a candidate’s skills with a variety of different types of databases. In this episode, we focus on a MySQL task.

One of the major difficulties of working with databases is the lack of immediacy – it can be a lot of work just to reach a point where you can actually see and interact with the data. So in the spirit of targeted assessment, the CodeSignal platform takes care of presenting the data visually, so that the candidate can simply focus on writing their queries. This leads to a faster turnaround, and less noise in the results.

Aside from the presentation of the data in tables, however, the UI is no different from any other type of task – a candidate familiar with the CodeSignal environment will know where to find the task description, IDE, tests, etc. This standardization helps ensure that the candidate can remain focused on the substance of the task, without experiencing confusion from the interface.