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Test-driven development

When a candidate has made it past the initial screening process, we’d typically like to take a closer look at their work, so there’s less of a need for automated testing. In this episode we look at a type of task that assesses a candidate’s ability to write tests using a testing framework, and then use them to write and validate a corresponding algorithm.

In this particular case, this task uses RSpec, a testing framework for Ruby which is one among many tools and frameworks supported by the CodeSignal platform. The candidate’s ability to write their tests in this case is just as important as their ability to write a solution.

Since the candidate is writing both the tests and the solution, this type of task would need to be verified manually by a recruiter, who would assess them based on their adherence to test-driven development principles. Although this type of task is less automated, it very closely resembles the real world developer experience, which makes it a good fit for candidates who have made it further down the hiring funnel.