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University Recruiting season is back. Are you ready?

With the rise of vaccinations against COVID-19, the US economy is starting to come back to life. Nowhere is this more obvious than in today’s hot hiring market ???? One example: Bay Area startups raised $54.1 billion in VC funding in the first half of 2021 alone. Employers across the country are experiencing a hiring surge for all levels of talent—including new grads.

So what does this mean for university recruiting season? That’s one of the questions the expert panelists will address in the upcoming webinar, “​​Go Beyond Resumes In Early Talent Recruiting,” to take place Wednesday, July 28th at 11am PST. 

The webinar will feature four experts in university recruiting and technical hiring:

  • Cindy Loggins, Global Head of University Recruiting at eBay
  • Nicole Perzigian, Global Emerging Talent Program Leader at Zoom
  • Tracy Jordan, University Recruiting at Asana
  • Tigran Sloyan, CEO and Co-Founder of CodeSignal

These panelists will address some of the most pressing questions for university recruiters today: 

  • How can you scale your early talent hiring, without losing out on skill and diversity?
  • What are the benefits of replacing resume screens with skill-based assessments?
  • How have some of the most successful companies transformed their university recruiting processes?

Interested in joining the conversation? Register today to join this exclusive webinar on July 28th.