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Product spotlight: CodeSignal Develop

We are living in exciting times, where technology is advancing faster than ever before. Recent innovations in generative AI are just the latest example of this. With each technological innovation comes the need for new technical skills, and the creation of new jobs specializing in those skills. For companies, this means that skills gaps on their technical teams are growing, quickly.

One way that companies address these skills gaps is through hiring new talent. Since 2015, CodeSignal has helped hundreds of top companies find and hire technical talent with the right skills for their teams. Hiring is just one piece of the puzzle, however. To keep up with the rapid pace of tech innovation, companies also need to upskill the talent they already have. That’s where CodeSignal Develop comes in.

CodeSignal Develop is how leading employers have been upskilling their technical teams, and we’re excited to announce that it’s now generally available to the public. 

Here’s what sets CodeSignal Develop apart from other technical learning platforms:

1. Practice-based learning. Humans learn skills through practice. Practice keeps learners engaged in what they’re learning—and it’s how they actually develop skills. (Imagine trying to learn how to ride a bike by watching a video!) Develop takes learners through hundreds of bite-sized practice exercises in each learning path, allowing them to apply what they’ve learned to solve realistic technical problems.

2. One-on-one guidance and tutoring. It’s just a fact of learning: everyone gets stuck. Getting stuck for too long, though, can lead to frustration—this is when many learners give up on building new skills. A proven way to help learners get past feeling stuck is with one-on-one tutoring, a technique that’s been proven by educational psychologists to be highly effective. 

With personalized support from a tutor, learners can get back to a more satisfying and engaging learning experience: what many researchers call “flow.” Develop has made one-on-one tutoring scalable and accessible with Cosmo, our built-in AI-powered guide who helps learners build skills and stay motivated with personalized and contextually-aware feedback. 

Screenshot of CodeSignal Develop and Cosmo conversation

Learners interact with Cosmo while working through practice exercises in CodeSignal Develop.

3. Focus on outcomes. Skill-building should be about outcomes. When teams invest in upskilling their employees, what matters isn’t whether each team member has completed the training—it’s whether they’ve mastered the skills your team needs. 

Develop is designed to advance learners through a learning path only when they’ve demonstrated mastery of the skills they need to level up. It also provides team managers insights into what skills each of their team members are learning, how much time they’re spending on learning, and their level of proficiency in specific skills.

Screenshot of Analytics dashboard in CodeSignal Develop

Gain deeper insights into team members’ skill proficiencies in CodeSignal Develop’s Analytics.

Want to learn more about how companies are using CodeSignal Develop to close skill gaps on their teams? Check out a recording of our Innovation Spotlight webinar, which showcases how Google and others are using Develop to level up their teams’ skills.