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New decade, new IDE: Experience CodeSignal’s improved IDE

I’ll begin with the punchline: We’ve upgraded our IDE incorporating Monaco Editor ?.

It’s a big deal! Monaco Editor is the code editor that powers Visual Studio Code, the most popular development environment in the world according to Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey.

Not only does this create a better candidate experience, by providing a more familiar and comfortable environment for developers but it also allows developers to show their full potential by worrying less about the platform and focusing more on the content and on their code.

All the bells and whistles  +  familiar coding environment  =  superior candidate experience (also the engineers on your team who conduct technical interviews will love this! ❤️)

Feature Highlights


Improved rich code-completion for the widely popular languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Python 2, Python 3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, PHP, R, SQL, Swift, Objective C, GO, Bash, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and LESS.
The greatest part? More languages supported by our IDE will have this autocomplete feature!

autocomplete in IDE

Syntax Error Highlighting

As you type on the IDE, we will detect any syntax or compilation errors and flag them to you! It’s so smooth that you would think you are typing on VS Code.

syntax highlight in IDE

Documentation Quick Access

When you hover over a function, relevant documentation such as function signatures, libraries etc. will pop up for easy access. No need to open a new tab to search the function on Google.

documentation quick access in IDE

Helpful Right-Click Shortcuts

Right-click helps you easily utilize many smart features including the navigation features like “Go to Symbol”, the ultimate list of commands stored in “Command Palette”, and my personal favorite feature “Change All Occurrences.”

right click in IDE

Command Palette

You now have all sorts of commands in your tool set including many Visual Studio Code features and commands. Check out the full list inside Command Palette. You’ve already memorized the keyboard shortcuts? Super! Go nuts.

Command Palette in IDE

Multiple Theme Choices

We have various themes to choose from: Dark (the old theme), VSC Dark (VSCode Dark), Light (VSCode Light), Monokai (Sublime) and Dracula (Webstorm). Everyone can feel at home with a personalized IDE with their favorite theme.

With CodeSignal, you will be able to use this advanced IDE throughout your technical recruiting process — from the initial take-home screening to the onsite interview. 

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