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Stay organized by grouping your team members with CodeSignal Teams

For large organizations with multiple technical hiring teams, having a robust permission management system to group and manage your user accounts is crucial. That’s why we’ve upgraded how user roles and permissions work in CodeSignal. With our Teams feature, you now have more control over which users at your company can access specific assessments and results, creating a more customizable and organized user experience.

With Teams, your company’s CodeSignal admin can:

  • Create teams and assign users: Segment your company’s user accounts to stay organized and efficiently control users’ permissions.
  • Assign assessments to a team: Users see only the tests and interviews assigned to their team.
  • Define custom roles for users (or use our default roles): Customize roles and permissions to fit your company’s needs exactly.

Teams + Custom Roles and Permissions = CodeSignal admin superpowers!

Let’s dive a little deeper into these features and how Teams can help streamline your company’s recruitment process with a user-friendly and customizable assessment platform.

Create Teams

For enterprise-level companies with large recruiting organizations and many CodeSignal users, organizing users into teams is a game-changer. CodeSignal admins can easily view, create, delete, and edit teams from the new “Users & Teams” account menu. They can also assign users to a team (or multiple teams!), remove users from a team, and move users between teams. Not sure if your company needs teams in CodeSignal? No problem! Teams are totally optional. 

With Teams, your CodeSignal admin can easily manage a large number of users within their organization. Even better, they save time by defining user permissions by team – no need to define users’ permissions individually. As for your CodeSignal users, they see only the team members, assessments, and results that are relevant to them.

Already using CodeSignal and want to try out Teams? Learn more.

Assign Assessments to a Team

In addition to assigning users to a team, CodeSignal admins can assign specific assessments to a team. Whether it’s a test or an interview, your CodeSignal admin can give a team ownership of the assessment with just one click. That’s it. Done!

By assigning assessments to teams, you don’t just help users stay organized – you also prevent users from seeing assessment results they shouldn’t see, like their colleagues’ results. For example, let’s say you have recruiters recruiting recruiters (what a tongue-twister!). Your CodeSignal admin can ensure only these specific recruiters see assessment results for recruitment candidates. 

Define Custom Roles

Whether or not you decide to use teams in your organization, you can now create custom roles and permissions for your CodeSignal users! Your CodeSignal admin can choose to use CodeSignal’s default roles, make changes to the defaults, or create totally custom roles. You can also mix and match the roles you use. As an example: your admin might choose to assign some users to the default roles and others to a new role they’ve created.

With custom roles, your CodeSignal admin has more power and control to customize users’ permissions. Want to keep it simple? You can still use CodeSignal’s three default roles – Admin, Manager, and Interviewer – rather than create your own. 

Are you a CodeSignal admin at your company? Want to get started on custom role creation? Learn more.

Get Started

With advanced features like Teams and customizable roles and permissions, CodeSignal offers an enterprise-ready platform that’s trusted by some of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies. Want to try out CodeSignal for yourself? Request a free demo

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