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Introducing: CodeSignal Learn

Since 2015, technical leaders have relied on CodeSignal to identify people with the right skills for their business needs. Building on what we’ve learned over the past 9 years, we’re proud to introduce a revolutionary new learning experience that helps people develop and master in-demand skills: CodeSignal Learn.

CodeSignal Learn is for anyone launching a technical career, pivoting into a new role, building competitive and in-demand skills for a job search, or wanting to level up in their current role. 

Here’s how it works

  • Follow personalized skills paths. Every individual’s learning journey is unique. Our approach begins with getting to know your current experience and skills to ensure you don’t waste time rehashing the basics, or face advanced concepts ahead of schedule. As you progress, the platform steers your journey in alignment with your career goals.
  • Learn with Cosmo: The smartest AI guide in the universe. Cosmo, our friendly AI guide built into the Learn platform, creates a learning journey built just for you. Cosmo prompts you with personalized challenges and unblocks you when you get stuck. He’s designed to create a one-on-one learning experience that is both challenging and supportive.
  • Engage with rewarding, practice-based learning. Research shows that the most satisfying learning experiences happen when you’re totally engrossed in solving challenging problems. CodeSignal Learn follows this principle by replicating on-the-job experiences where you’ll solve problems designed to push the edge of your abilities, broken down into short lessons that fit into your busy schedule. 
  • Build in-demand technical skills. CodeSignal has helped hundreds of top tech companies build great hiring processes, so we know what skills matter to employers today. CodeSignal Learn hones your learning on these core skills with learning paths for a wide range of in-demand skill areas such as AI, Data Science, Full-Stack Engineering, Front-end Engineering, and more. 
  • Prove your hire readiness with real mastery, not just a certificate. Achieve skill mastery through real-world coding challenges and adaptive learning paths, rather than passively clicking through content. You advance through levels only after achieving hire-ready competency. Each course you complete is then added to a skills profile that employers trust.

What developers are saying about CodeSignal Learn

“I find the interaction with Cosmo highly valuable. Having a ‘live’ code reviewer and mentor is a great feature. It allows me to receive immediate feedback on my code and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.”

“Bite sized. Easy to follow. Concise. Really good for maintaining pace of study.”

“Cosmo is an awesome tool for learning because you don’t have to look back on the lessons or look up any syntax. When you’re stuck he’s very good at pointing you in the right direction… It’s really cool how he can look at your code and tell you about it.”

“For the Lessons, my favorite part is definitely the examples of where the concept could be seen in real life, as well as solutions in how that might look in Python.”

“I like that the lessons are broken up into bite sized pieces that make learning a new concept seem very achievable.”

“Chatting with Cosmo was extremely enjoyable. Cosmo answered questions very well even when they were ambiguously worded.”

“I really feel like this kind of thing is the future for learners like me.”

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