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G2 Crowd Summer 2019 recognition

Did you know that we’ve been recognized as a leader in the Technical Skills Screening Software category on 

If you’re not familiar with G2, you may be missing out. Their vision of crowdsourcing wisdom when it comes to how we buy business technology is an innovative approach to an outdated system. 

To qualify for the category of Technical Skills Screening Software, a product must:

·   Help organizations identify qualified candidates to build their talent pool

·   Include reporting tools that sort, compare, and analyze candidate results

·   Provide tools such as coding skills lessons, challenges, and games to test candidates’ technical skills

CodeSignal not only met those requirements, we quickly rose to the top of the metaphorical heap. Our solution is rated 100% on the satisfaction score for “Ease of doing business with,” “Ease of admin,” and “Ease of setup.” Our customers further share their experience with comments such as:

“CodeSignal has really helped us scale the top of our interview funnel. Sending out an assessment is virtually zero-cost on our end, and it’s very straightforward for candidates to use.”

“Everyone at the company is a joy to work with, from sales to customer support they have been incredible at helping us get our assessments launched! The quality of the signal we have been getting through their tests has been spot on and has really helped us identify the right candidates without relying on resumes too much or using too much of our engineering time.”

“The ability to send out a standardized assessment and get certified results back has made our university recruiting process a joy.”

Simply put, our customers are pushing our story forward, and we couldn’t be more honored to receive recognition from G2.

To learn more about the CodeSignal solution, visit and request a demo from our team.