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CodeSignal named leader in G2’s Fall reports

From providing a stellar candidate experience, to reducing Engineering time spent on recruiting, to diversifying their talent pool, Talent Acquisition leaders tackle some truly impressive challenges every day. Here at CodeSignal, we continually strive to understand those challenges to provide the most relevant solutions.

That’s why we’re so proud to be named a Leader in G2’s Technical Skills Screening software category for the 10th quarter in a row.

One recognition we’re especially humbled by? Ranking #1 in Best Relationship in the Fall reports, an index that includes ease of doing business, likelihood of recommending, and quality of support, among other factors.

In our users’ own words

Here’s a glance at what our users say about us on G2:

“The thing that I found most helpful was the multifaceted way of evaluation, which was very helpful in judging the strength and weakness of a candidate… the review report was so good that it would not only help the hirers, but also candidates to judge [their own] ability.” — Raj Aaryaman, G2 Reviewer

“The CodeSignal coding environment is friendly and easy to use. Even as a first-time user, I did not have any problem navigating it. I also like how we can share past results with companies instead of doing a new test each time. This saves people lots of time through the interview process and helps speed the process up.” — Shiyu C., G2 Reviewer

“A one-stop solution for software engineering virtual interviews.” — G2 Reviewer

Thank you to all the customers who helped get us here and who are joining us in our mission to #GoBeyondResumes!

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