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Introducing: CodeSignal Learn with Cosmo, the smartest AI guide in the universe!


Completing the CodeSignal x Lever integration is now as easy as clicking a button

Automation isn’t just the future of recruiting – it’s the present. As a recruiter, you may already be using automation tools to help you do things like scheduling interviews or following up with candidates. Automating repetitive tasks is a key to optimization! Tools like CodeSignal take your recruiting optimization to the next level by allowing you to automate your assessment of candidates’ technical skills (all while widening your candidate pool at the top of the funnel and reducing bias, too).

Since we here at CodeSignal are automation enthusiasts, we are super excited to announce that the CodeSignal and Lever integration is now widely accessible to most Lever users and its setup steps have been greatly simplified! Lever is an industry-leading applicant tracking system (ATS) that empowers companies to source, interview, and hire top talent. Until today, you needed Lever’s Enterprise Plan or Data API add-on to utilize this superpower. Now, as long as you have Lever’s Professional Plan, you can pair Lever with CodeSignal with one simple toggle! 

Connecting CodeSignal to Lever streamlines the technical interview process by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to manage both the automated tests and live interviews, all from within Lever. 

Benefits of Using CodeSignal and Lever Together:

  • Send a CodeSignal test: Pick any test you set up in CodeSignal (whether a standardized or custom test) and send it directly from Lever. It’s fast, simple, and intuitive.
  • Receive CodeSignal test results: No more copying and pasting the test results and report links from CodeSignal to Lever one by one. When a candidate completes a test in CodeSignal, the test result and the link to the detailed report will magically show up under the candidate’s profile in Lever. 
  • Schedule interview sessions: With the CodeSignal Chrome extension, you can easily generate a link to a CodeSignal live interview session using Lever’s scheduling feature and include it in your invite to both the candidate and interviewer. 

Already using Lever and CodeSignal? Learn more about using the integration in these CodeSignal Knowledge Base articles

Better Together

To see the CodeSignal x Lever integration in action, request a demo