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Say hello to CodeSignal API’s GraphQL playground

Do you currently use CodeSignal’s API? If you do, we have great news for you! (If not, you should consider it.) Using CodeSignal’s API became even easier with the newly enabled GraphQL playground where you can test queries against live data. 

What is GraphQL Playground?

GraphQL is an API query language, originally developed by Facebook. You can use GraphQL to query data through CodeSignal’s API. GraphQL Playground is a graphical, interactive, in-browser GraphQL UI, which you can use to check and resolve syntax or schema issues in your queries. It is connected to our real API and allows you to write and run your queries easily. 

Although this is called a “playground,” it does query and mutate real production data — it’s not a sandbox with isolated testing data. A wise person once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

How does it work?

Write and execute queries instantly

Using the left panel, you can write your queries or mutations. You will see the output on the right. With the advanced auto-complete feature, you can write queries quickly and accurately with little effort. When ready, click the play button to run the query.

Explore the live API docs and schema

While you can review our API documentation and schema information anytime on your web browser, it’s very handy to have them right by your side when you are writing queries. You can click the docs and schema tabs on the right side of your window to expand the panel. These are guaranteed to be most up to date with our API and you can also see cost directives and rate limits in the schema.

Debug it like a pro

If there are any errors in your query syntax, you will see the error highlighting in red. Hover over the query to see the guide and check what’s causing the error. Perfecting your query has never been this easy.

Convert queries into cURL commands

You will find the “Copy cURL” button on the top right corner. With just one click, you can copy your query to cURL command to use it for scripting.

How can I start using the playground (and CodeSignal API)?

Not yet a CodeSignal customer? Request a demo today.

If you’re an existing customer of CodeSignal, please reach out to [email protected] to get started.