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Unlock the power of automation with CodeSignal Webhooks + Zapier

Did you know that CodeSignal webhooks allow you to create your own custom, direct integrations with other tools you use? And did you know that you can do this without writing code? This feature is perfect for tech-savvy ninjas who are familiar with process automations.

In this article, we’ll explore the value of using webhooks in Zapier to create an integration from CodeSignal to other popular productivity tools such as Slack, Airtable, Google Sheets, and even your ATS of choice – such as Greenhouse, Workable, and Breezy HR. Zapier allows you to easily create custom Zaps to automate processes and connect any of Zapier’s over 2,000 apps.

To set up this integration, you’ll need to have access to the CodeSignal API and webhooks in your plan. You’ll also need a premium Zapier account.

Why You Should Connect CodeSignal with Other Tools using Zapier:

  • Unlock the time-saving magic of automation: If you’re managing just a few candidates in your technical recruitment funnel, manually exporting their CodeSignal assessment results to another tool may not seem like a big task. As your hiring scales, however, moving information from CodeSignal to another platform can become a major time-sink for your hiring team. Save time by automating this process with a direct integration from CodeSignal to the tools of your choice.
  • Never miss a test result: Manual processes take more time than automated processes. They’re also subject to more human error. When you integrate CodeSignal with your productivity tools, you can breathe easy knowing your integration will automatically push all assessment results to the tools you’ve integrated with.
  • Code-free setup: Building a direct, customized integration from CodeSignal to your productivity tools is simple when you create a Zap using Webhooks by Zapier. Copy a custom webhooks URL from Zapier to CodeSignal, select a trigger event in CodeSignal, specify the action you want to happen in the tool(s) you choose, and you’re done – no coding required! We’re also here to walk you through this setup step-by-step.

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