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CodeSignal lets you build mobile apps in the browser during a remote interview

You can level up your mobile developer interview experience with CodeSignal!

What does this mean? Before, your mobile developer assessments were limited to coding tests in popular mobile programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, Object-C, and Swift (or even JavaScript for React Native). Now, in addition to the existing programming-skill-focused assessments (which are great for initial screening), you can evaluate your candidates’ mobile app development ability in depth. 

This is because you and your candidate can now build and run a mobile app in a web browser using CodeSignal Interview. No download required. No screen sharing required. Boom!

CodeSignal’s enhanced mobile assessments are the first and only product on the market to allow for collaborative development of a fully-functional app within a web browser. Mobile assessments use the same cloud-based development environment powered by Monaco Editor used by all CodeSignal assessments – meaning the platform will be familiar to developers.  

The first launch of CodeSignal enhanced mobile assessments supports Android Native and React Native (both for Android and iOS) and iOS Native is coming soon.

Feature Highlights

Development with multiple files

Similar to the real mobile app development environment, you can set up a project with multiple files in CodeSignal. Given the limited time allotted for a single interview session, you can utilize a task that already has a simple mobile app development project set up and ask your candidate to modify specific parts of it.

With the status marker on the tab, you can easily see which particular file your candidate is working on at any given moment and follow along.

Interactive mobile device emulator

The mobile device emulator on the right-hand side of the window runs the mobile application that you and your candidate will collaborate on. (It’s a virtual mobile device and can do almost everything a real mobile device can!)

When your candidate or you make any changes to the code, those changes can be seen in real-time in the virtual mobile device emulator. Moreover, you and your candidate can interact with the app to ensure it behaves the way it’s supposed to. 

Seamless interview experience

All of these features – a coding environment, file system, mobile device emulator, and video/audio calling – display in just one browser window. This makes for a seamless remote interview experience that’s easy to navigate for both interviewers and candidates.

Learn More

CodeSignal’s enhanced mobile assessments allow you to measure mobile app development skills, all while interacting with the candidate live over a video call. If you’re interested in learning more about how to measure mobile dev skills with CodeSignal, fill out the form below and try it out yourself!