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CodeSignal offers its Interview solution for free to flatten the curve

CodeSignal is offering free access to its Interview solution through May 31, 2020, in response to COVID-19. With recent upgrades including an advanced cloud IDE and new whiteboarding features, teams can confidently make the switch from onsite to remote technical interviews. 

“Hiring teams are having to make the transition to online technical interviews in a haste, and we wanted to ease that burden for organizations by offering our Interview Solution for free,” says Tigran Sloyan, CEO and Co-Founder of CodeSignal. 

With CodeSignal’s Interview, teams can conduct online technical interviews in an advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with built-in video and audio calling. Engineering managers and interviewees can write code, run unit tests and debug mistakes together in over 70+ languages, frameworks, and libraries. The Monaco-powered IDE is nearly identical to Visual Studio Code, which means engineers feel comfortable and confident in the coding environment. 

CodeSignal has also launched its virtual whiteboarding feature to enable teams to conduct conceptual problem-solving interviews such as system design interviews for hiring senior engineering talent. 

The Interview platform integrates into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and enables the whole hiring team to stay in sync. With enterprise-ready features, CodeSignal Interview can enable even the fastest growing engineering teams to launch and scale online technical interviews. 

CodeSignal helps companies #GoBeyondResumes in technical recruiting by enabling employers to measure coding skills of candidates directly and objectively at scale.

CodeSignal’s advanced cloud-based technical skills assessment platform consists of Interview (live coding), Test (automated custom test), and Certify (automated standardized test)

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